01 November 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hubs and I have been sick with The Worst Cold In Several Years, but we were able to drag our sorry butts out of bed long enough to carve some pumpkins.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Rock Chalk!

28 October 2008

Happy Anniversary Babycakes


It's our 2 year anniversary, I cannot believe it - time truly does fly by.

Here's a few shots from our wedding day. It was a perfect day: sunny, temps in the high 60s, all the trees were changing colors and were just gorgeous. We love the autumn time and I'm so glad we decided to get married then. Happy times!




23 October 2008

The Longest Car Ride. Ever.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. And dramatic, considering it was a surprisingly easy trip to Wisconsin by car with 2 children under the age of 3 in the back seat...

My paternal grandmother passed away on October 15th, and was to be laid to rest in Neenah. The Kansas side of the family (essentially my parents and us kids still in the state) separately talked about flying, driving, renting cars, whatever. Finally decided to all drive up together, caravan-style. We were in Beah's car with Beah, Mahni, and Dyl - Hubs did the driving, true gentleman that he is.

It was a solemn and sad trip but happy at the same time - she lived a long and full life. It was good to see family again, and home. I always get a bit sad leaving Wisconsin when we visit. I really dig that place, and when I'm there it just seems so comforting.

I got a few shots of the kiddos in the car. Like I said: they were great little travelers. They slept most of the time with just a few whine-sessions (and considering they both were sick, that was amazing).

This was the scene at my feet the entire trip. We left well stocked with magazines and treats.

Beah's gonna kill me for posting this one:

Silly Dyl!

02 October 2008

Halstead, September 2008

We took a quick trip to Halstead in early September, which I'm finally posting about. A nice trip! Stayed with Tim as usual, and did some fun things: watched a Halstead football game, had dinner with the family to celebrate birthdays, and went to the State Fair with friends. Lots of fun!

Tim's dog Sasha!

Off to the Fair! We tagged along with Kirsten, Cody, Madi, and Cason. It was my very first time ever going to the State Fair. It was awesome!

Checking out the record-setting pumpkin.

Record-setting pumpkin, in the flesh:

Butter sculpture:

Madi trying out farming equipment.

Tim enjoying some State Fair grub.
Madi is a giant bunch of wine grapes!

21 September 2008

Beah Visit 2008

Beah and the kiddos come for an annual visit usually in August, although this year we smartly changed that to September. Really helped to have the not-100-degree weather when we were at the Zoo! Anyhoo, a few shots from the trip can be found below.

And yes, as usual: I cried like a baby when they left.

On the playground at the KC Zoo:

This was typical of our day: Mahni in rapturous awe of the animals, Dylan crying and petrified of the animals.

Except for the sheep for some reason, which Dylan thought were dogs (he kept calling them "JoJo!").

Yay for Train Time! Best part of a visit to the Zoo :)

And it's all fun until someone loses a shoe. While still on the train ride. When the train made a stop (much much later), Hubs and the train conductor had to go back after it.
And that concluded our time at the Zoo.

Spent the first evening at home. Beah and the kids crashed out in the chair.

First thing the next morning: Picture Time with Josh Solar! For those who missed out from my food post, clicky HERE to see the cute babies on Josh's blog.

That afternoon we went shopping, and tried on a few costumes:

After the costume shop we grabbed some ice cream, and then walked off the calories at the rest of The Legends shopping. They had a yellow brick road there!
There are a ton of pictures of our time at the fountain @ The Legends - yeah, for a reason. The kiddies LOVED it, we spent a long time there playing. Which was fine by me; it was fun to shoot them playing in the fountain, too.
We had dinner at the T-Rex restaurant. Hit and miss - the kids loved it, and were simultaneously scared out of their minds.

We made cake! Yummy cake! Even though we accidentally put in too much butter...

No trip to Nemmie and Scott's is complete until someone poses with a Jayhawk. Like the Jayhawk flag hanging on the wall in the man cave, all college-dorm-like (reminder to self: find a flagpole and get that sucker up outside).

Sadly that is it, the time went by waaaaay too quickly. But! Beah and Mahnster are back in December to hit up The Nutcracker in KC, which will be a blast.