28 June 2009

Weekend Update 6.28.09

Had a nice little weekend here in Lawrence - we planned on taking Peter to his first St. John 's Fiesta at church on Friday evening, but with the heat index it was 105... So we decided to wait and possibly go on Saturday if the weather was cooler.

Saturday day we ran errands, did some shopping. Peter is a champ when it comes to shopping, definitely takes after his mother. We got home and lo and behold - a cold front finally (finally!) came through, and the weather was cool and relaxing and perfect. Off we went to the Fiesta! We had some food and drink, enjoyed the band and atmosphere, and then headed home just when it started to rain. Glad we were able to get out to enjoy the festivities this year.

Scott wore Peter in the Bjorn, my current favorite piece of baby gear (the only way I get anything done at home). Scott found a way to enjoy his delicious taco and burrito while keeping any food from dropping on the poor baby:

Off to start another week! Hopefully we can secure daycare and get the baptism preparations started. And finish Thank You cards (oof), maybe send off announcements, and also take Pete to visit the neighbors... Yeah, another busy week ahead.

21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all those daddies out there! Here's a pictoral of Scott and Peter's first Father's Day.

Peter dressed up in his best pirate-robot gear.

Mom made from-scratch cinnamon rolls for dad.

Peter and Mom got dad an iPod Nano (in his favorite shade of green), so he can listen to some tunes while working in the yard. Ahem, Mom kinda sorta stole dad's old mp3 player, hence the need for something new...

After some phone calls to our dads (and Scott with some friends) and hanging out at home for a bit, we went out for lunch at his favorite place to eat and have a beer: Free State Brewery. Pete was a champ, never cried once the entire time we were there. It was total new parent alert: Scott and I spent half the meal staring intently at the baby, as if he would wake up and fuss if we dared to look away. Heh.

Then we got home and lounged around while Scott played with his new iPod. He was able to do a few feedings with Peter.

As a thank you: Peter pooped up the back and through his clothes. And his dad's clothes. It was rather impressive if you ask me (then again, I was a bystander and not really involved in the whole thing).

We spent the evening dropping off our car to be repaired - that was an adventure of its own, with me and Peter in the rental Yaris following Scott in the poor Focus; it was a 2-mile trip that took about 20 minutes and the ole' Focus almost died out a few times. In reality, it only died once. Good old car. We should have it back today, hopefully. We then drove around and scoped out potential daycares (our first choice has gone AWOL, unfortunately, so we're searching again). Then Sonic for dinner and off to bed.

A fun and busy day! To my dear husband: Pete's only 2 weeks old but you already have this dad thing down perfectly. From the help with feedings, the diaper changes, swaddling; to that total baby-calming move that you can eerily do in about 30 seconds (no matter how frantic and screamy Peter is when I hand him off)... I couldn't do it without you. Happy Father's Day, Scottie. You're a total natural :)

18 June 2009

Newborn Pictures

Pete's Newborn Pictures are up on the Solars blog! We loooove them. Josh and Jenny did a bit more of a family lifestyle session, which turned out really, really well. You can check out the blog post at the following link:


Thanks Josh and Jenny! Fantastic work, as always :)

15 June 2009

Photo link

For more baby deliciousness, keep an eye on the link below:

Compliments of Peter's dad. Everything is going great, we're getting used to new routines and still find a small bit of free time to eek out a baked good (in Nemmie's case) or brew a new batch of beer (in Scott's case).

I have got to say - yes, I'm tired. Getting up every few hours will do that to you. But it is nowhere near as bad as pregnancy-tired was for me. Whew, pregnancy-tired kicked my butt. This, I can handle. Mostly because coffee is now okay to consume in larger amounts ;)

12 June 2009

He's here!

Hmmm, this is about a week late, but hey - that seems to be just my style these days...

Our little one has arrived! Peter Ray Mueller was born on June 7th at 7:13pm, weighing in at a rather large 8 lbs. 13 oz., but he's also a long little boy at 21 inches. Perfect in every way!

Our room at the hospital:

Nemmie takes time out from admiring her newborn to get on the old Interwebs:

And what you all came for - pictures of our new addition :)

Peter says: Live Long and Prosper.

Pretty blonde hair:

More to come in the next few days, as I'm sure you are aware. We can't get enough of the little dude.

02 June 2009


We kinda dropped the ball on this blog, eh? Well, soon enough it will be used quite a bit, so I'm going to catch everyone up to speed (well, all two of us who look at the thing anyway).

Many things have been going on since we last updated - aside from the usual running around and the holidays and other fun things. Lots of time out with friends, visiting family, and working on the house (the yard is our main objective this spring/summer). In between that, Scott keeps busy with the beer making, I keep busy with the baking...

In late September, we also found out that we are expecting. Baby Robot is due in about a week, so we're in the home stretch! I actually feel really good, not really that uncomfortable, so I don't feel that GET IT OUT anxiety that most women have at this stage! Baby will show up when he/she is ready, I can wait. Scott, on the other hand, is a bit more impatient...

I imagine this blog will be updated a bit more in the future - I'm considering shutting down the food blog, it's already beginning to get ignored. And with a little one bopping around, I'm sure we'll feel the need to post pictures regularly :)

That's it for now, we should be updating again soon-ish. No more 7-month breaks. Promise.