23 October 2008

The Longest Car Ride. Ever.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. And dramatic, considering it was a surprisingly easy trip to Wisconsin by car with 2 children under the age of 3 in the back seat...

My paternal grandmother passed away on October 15th, and was to be laid to rest in Neenah. The Kansas side of the family (essentially my parents and us kids still in the state) separately talked about flying, driving, renting cars, whatever. Finally decided to all drive up together, caravan-style. We were in Beah's car with Beah, Mahni, and Dyl - Hubs did the driving, true gentleman that he is.

It was a solemn and sad trip but happy at the same time - she lived a long and full life. It was good to see family again, and home. I always get a bit sad leaving Wisconsin when we visit. I really dig that place, and when I'm there it just seems so comforting.

I got a few shots of the kiddos in the car. Like I said: they were great little travelers. They slept most of the time with just a few whine-sessions (and considering they both were sick, that was amazing).

This was the scene at my feet the entire trip. We left well stocked with magazines and treats.

Beah's gonna kill me for posting this one:

Silly Dyl!

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