28 June 2009

Weekend Update 6.28.09

Had a nice little weekend here in Lawrence - we planned on taking Peter to his first St. John 's Fiesta at church on Friday evening, but with the heat index it was 105... So we decided to wait and possibly go on Saturday if the weather was cooler.

Saturday day we ran errands, did some shopping. Peter is a champ when it comes to shopping, definitely takes after his mother. We got home and lo and behold - a cold front finally (finally!) came through, and the weather was cool and relaxing and perfect. Off we went to the Fiesta! We had some food and drink, enjoyed the band and atmosphere, and then headed home just when it started to rain. Glad we were able to get out to enjoy the festivities this year.

Scott wore Peter in the Bjorn, my current favorite piece of baby gear (the only way I get anything done at home). Scott found a way to enjoy his delicious taco and burrito while keeping any food from dropping on the poor baby:

Off to start another week! Hopefully we can secure daycare and get the baptism preparations started. And finish Thank You cards (oof), maybe send off announcements, and also take Pete to visit the neighbors... Yeah, another busy week ahead.

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