21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all those daddies out there! Here's a pictoral of Scott and Peter's first Father's Day.

Peter dressed up in his best pirate-robot gear.

Mom made from-scratch cinnamon rolls for dad.

Peter and Mom got dad an iPod Nano (in his favorite shade of green), so he can listen to some tunes while working in the yard. Ahem, Mom kinda sorta stole dad's old mp3 player, hence the need for something new...

After some phone calls to our dads (and Scott with some friends) and hanging out at home for a bit, we went out for lunch at his favorite place to eat and have a beer: Free State Brewery. Pete was a champ, never cried once the entire time we were there. It was total new parent alert: Scott and I spent half the meal staring intently at the baby, as if he would wake up and fuss if we dared to look away. Heh.

Then we got home and lounged around while Scott played with his new iPod. He was able to do a few feedings with Peter.

As a thank you: Peter pooped up the back and through his clothes. And his dad's clothes. It was rather impressive if you ask me (then again, I was a bystander and not really involved in the whole thing).

We spent the evening dropping off our car to be repaired - that was an adventure of its own, with me and Peter in the rental Yaris following Scott in the poor Focus; it was a 2-mile trip that took about 20 minutes and the ole' Focus almost died out a few times. In reality, it only died once. Good old car. We should have it back today, hopefully. We then drove around and scoped out potential daycares (our first choice has gone AWOL, unfortunately, so we're searching again). Then Sonic for dinner and off to bed.

A fun and busy day! To my dear husband: Pete's only 2 weeks old but you already have this dad thing down perfectly. From the help with feedings, the diaper changes, swaddling; to that total baby-calming move that you can eerily do in about 30 seconds (no matter how frantic and screamy Peter is when I hand him off)... I couldn't do it without you. Happy Father's Day, Scottie. You're a total natural :)

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