20 September 2009

Om Nom Nom Rice Cereal

Our big ole boy is, like, the biggest milk pig evaar. He drinks a ton a day. He's also close to 16 lbs., and he seems to get the whole food thing. He watches us eat like a hawk, mimics us when we have dinner. And, well, considering the whole milk pig thing... I figured it might be time to start to expand his diet. He's like a week away from being 4 months, but I think he might be ready.

Just to be safe, we started with rice cereal (hypoallergenic, so if he's not ready at least we aren't screwing him up permanently).

Um - while he had the obvious reaction to the first bite or two (the 'WTF are you doing to me' face), he figured out really quickly that MAN he loves the cereal!

So, we'll see how the tummy takes it (so far so good) and maybe a teeny bit of cereal will be in his diet from here on out. Hopefully this is a good sign that we'll have a little gastronome in our house :)

Before the first try, he has no idea what's coming...

Totally not into what's going on at first:

And then? He changes his mind.

It got to the point where he became pretty darn impatient in-between spoonfuls...

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