27 September 2009

Weekend Update 9.27.09

Busy week! We're definitely in the thick of things now. During the week we were both busy with our jobs (wah wah I say that every week, but it's a good thing so hey let's keep hearing it). Our daycare provider, Fanta, passed along some of her outdoor toys to us, which YAY. So Peter is now the proud owner of a wooden rocking horsey toy, a fort/house-ish thing by Fisher Price, and a toy trunk. Took a few days to drag it all over to our house (thank you, teeny Focus car). But worth it!

We also finally have a new skylight. We have needed one for months, the old one started leaking whenever it rained; have gone through a few well meaning roofers (who promised to order us a new skylight and then hey yeah we never hear from them again and they don't return calls...). The old one was a shady brown and probably 20 years old and made the kitchen hot hot hot. The new skylight has made an immediate difference - it's lovely and clear, which makes our kitchen brighter if you can even imagine. And yet it does not let in the heat... AMAZING! Not cheap but I'm kinda glad the old one pooped out, this one is a million times better. Now we just have to re-do the sheet rock around it, maybe add some trim...

I had my Book Club this week too. We read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and I brought tiramisu cupcakes (from the Martha Stewart book). Awesome on both fronts :) Scott also bottled his dry stout, so we were both stayed pretty busy.

The weekend was crazy-busy too - Saturday I had a pie class at The Bayleaf, it was lots of fun and I got a few good recipes out of it. Look out peeps, I'll be baking some pies soon. We tried to go to the church Polka Mass. I say try... Maybe because we sat it a totally different area than usual. Maybe because I've been bragging that the baby is so good during Mass. Whatever the cause - Peter started screaming after the 2nd Reading, so we had to leave. Not like Scott was that bummed, it meant hitting up the church Oktoberfest before the rest of the masses...

Sunday we headed to the K for the last Royals game of the season. We had a lot of fun, and got to see Zack pitch. Royals won, yay! I carted the camera to the game, pictures below.

Okay, I'm off to take a shower and crawl into bed with my October book club book. Have a great week!

Scott and a sleeping baby do the tailgating thing.

Our (boring) tailgating stash: a sandwich, some chips, some beer. And a stroller and assorted car supplies...

Once he woke up, Pete baby was a happy tailgater.

Baby Peter is ready to go!

The view from our seats.

The boys pose with Peter's "Official Royals Fan" certificate.

Go Zack!

I took a picture of these cute brothers (I assume brothers), I just thought they were adorable. But literally 30 seconds after I took this picture, the little one punched the older one in the face. Lovely.

The Hall of Fame exhibit at the K.

The boys and the shiny, gleaming trophy awesomeness.

We then headed back to the game. More Zack pitching goodness.

The beloved hot dog race (in my opinion, a cheap rip-off of the sausage race. Why not do something KC-specific, like BBQ sauces or something? But I digress...). They had little kids do the run which was hilarious. Mustard SMOKED the other condiments. Go Team Mustard!

Zonked out. He woke up slap-happy (a bad sign, as we have learned quickly in his short life). Sure enough, there was much fussing shortly after, so we left at the 8th inning. Which was fine, Zack was done pitching, we saw what we wanted to see.

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