08 August 2010

Weekly Update 08.08.10

So: Blogger had this thing, where you could update the Posting Editor? I updated and it SUCKS, it won't let me do any of the things that I used to be able to do, that were actually you know, HELPFUL, so yeah I dunno. I have heard people complain and, being the 5-year Blogger veteran that I am, I was all "heh, amateurs". But now I GET IT, oh man I get it, and I apologize to anyone I read who complained for secretly judging you. Maybe it's time to start shopping around, for somewhere new for the blog...

My point: please ignore all the weird formatting, I tried to fix it I swear. And while you're at it, try not to dwell on the fact that all the photos are (annoyingly) in backwards order.

So anyway! What's been going on this week, right? Well, it's been hot. Insanely, August-ly hot. Blah. I am ready for fall, but then again I was ready for that back in June. Not a fan of heat/humidity.
We have been hitting the pool... rarely. Yes. It is even too hot to break out the baby pool stuff! We got it out on Sunday but I gotta say, pool time is no fun when Mommy and Daddy can't fit in there as well.
Clearly however Peter feels differently.
Since we didn't have any big plan this weekend (bliss! Not like I don't love visitors or visiting people or other fun activities, but you know - time just to ourselves as a family is so so nice. And necessary), I did two things: (1) cleaned the house and (2) started to finally work on Peter's room. I packed up the baby birdie theme weeks ago when I had some free time, pulled the decals off the wall and packed up all the bedding/pillows and mobile. Now, it's time to focus on the Robot room. I framed up some new art for the room, band posters (robot-related of course).
Oooookay, here is a random photo of Peter playing in his room, Blogger wouldn't let me move it. Moving on...
Also I ordered these cool space decals, and got them up on Sunday. Pretty spiffy! Now we're just waiting on fabric so I can start the bedding.
Since we had some blessed free time, I decided to indulge in some baking, my totally famous lemon cake. Then I came to the realization - I never blogged the recipe before. Not on Cast Sugar, not anywhere. Never. My goodness! So, that will make an appearance here soon-ish.
Mmm, lemon cake batter.
This is a shot of Peter post-County Fair, which was more hysterical when it came at the end of all the pictures. Also considering that he almost choked to death trying to eat his socks earlier this week (yeah don't ask). It's a bit reminiscent of the Hasselhoff Hamburger video, yes?
So yeah: we went to the Fair. On Friday evening - we've never been to the Douglas County Fair so thought we'd give it a shot. Peter had a BLAST.
He could not stop staring at all the rides.
This will probably be the best (read: cheapest) trip to the county fair for us. Peter's too small for all the rides and even if he was tall enough, he really didn't need to ride any of them. He was just so excited to see all the flashing lights and hear the music and see them move. Ah, to be a toddler again.
We did pay a buck at the petting zoo portion, so we could feed all the animals. That was a dollar well spent, as he loved feeding all the animals. When he wasn't trying to sneak bites of the feed himself, that is.
Amongst all the hens, roosters, and ducks in the poultry "barn", there was also a random peacock.
Okay and now all the other random events of this weekend should be noted, before I forget (random photo order is messing with my braaaaaaaain!):
  • I also went to Hobby Lobby this weekend and picked up upholstery foam and black fake-leather fabric (from the remnants bin, on the cheap). Time to start Doots' Halloween costume...

  • I hit up some yard sales way-early-in-the-morn on Saturday, all by my lonesome. I should do that more often, I was able to hit up twice as many sales as usual (when I have Scott and Peter in tow), and found some great stuff. Where else would I find an awesome modern-style wooden toy house, brought to the US via a trip to Portugal, and in brand-new condition, for a freaking DOLLAR? And sold by my favorite local newscaster to boot (took me a sec to realize who I was chatting up when I was buying it)... Yeah. Not at the local toy store, that's for sure.

  • Had a lovely, leisurely lunch in KC with some girlfriends, it was nice to have a little something to myself in the afternoon. And the next time I see Julie, she will probably have a babe in her arms (not her tummy region). Come on Shyrleigh, I'm ready to meet ya.

  • Saturday night we rented movies, including Julie&Julia. Super cute! Loved it! Scott and I especially appreciated the Julie scenes (food bloggers, unite!), I think you have to live in the world of food-blogging to get some of her mania. At one point I looked at Scott and said "I was never that way..." and he cracked up. And reminded me of the time when I was freaking out about how if I don't post at least 3 times a week, my readership goes below 1K a day... Oh yeah. That.

  • I started running. I get up at 5am to do so and it's killlllllllling me, but I shall persevere. Signed up for a 5K next month, to keep myself on track with this whole running thing.

  • I am doing my best to finish the book club book for this month, but I only have a few weeks left to read and I have about 400 pages to finish up. I try to read every evening at bedtime, but lately I have been zonking out as soon as I start...

  • This is the face my kid makes when I deny him any of the earthly pleasures he demands at any given moment:
  • Luckily I get to see this face a little more often than the last one:

Peace out.

And oh yeah, just one more time: Blogger you suck. For reals.


The Horton's said...

OMG! CityMom might need a new "runner" name!! Ok girlie, there is a 2 mile OR a 5K at Old Settlers Saturday Morning. YOU MUST DO ONE OF THOSE. Only $15 entry fee the morning of, and maybe a tee shirt depending on number in. SO, you up for it?
And yes, the cake recipe needs to be online SOON!
One more thing... register yourself on www.dailymile.com
85% of people that track their workouts with an online source STICK WITH IT!
Luv you all!
See you this weekend!!

Nemmie said...

Girl!! (1) Totally not ready for that yet, I can barely drag my sorry *ss around my neighborhood for 2 miles. Then hurt like hell the next day... And (2) we won't be in Halstead that early, not unless we leave Lawrence at 3am(have plans Friday night, boo...).

Will text you soon, trying to figure out when we have free time when we're there. We have to meet up!!!