17 August 2010

Weekly Update 8.15.10

Be prepared, ladies and gents: I have started building a WordPress blog; the picture sizes are a vast improvement and the publishing software is DIVINE. We shall move later this month, probably. Once I tidy it up a bit and get it to my liking. So get ready to change your feeds...

Okay back to the good stuff.

This past week was busy, as usual. Lots of errands, lots of cleaning. Peter and I met up with friends for Happy Hour one evening.

Friday we served as test subjects for a new business venture some dear friends of ours are trying out :) We hope all turns out well, will be sure to display the goodness on the blog once we get word back on things.

The weekend was spent in Scott's hometown - they were having their annual town festival, and we arrived just in time to watch the parade. It was the first one that Peter was able to participate in, hanging out near the street. He had fun collecting candy.

He also loved watching all the vintage cars cruise down the street.

Assessing his loot pile.

...And then a Blue Bell ice cream truck showed up after the tractors, and was handing out ice cream sandwiches to the crowd. ICE CREAM SANDWICHES, PEOPLE. Peter was in heaven.

After the parade we chatted with Grandma Mueller and Great-Uncle Bus for awhile. Peter also found an abandoned balloon, and adopted it as his own (I mean, of course).

It was pretty hot and humid.

Great Uncle Bus gave Peter's hat a try.

We headed to the park and grabbed some burgers at the Boy Scout tent (manned by Grandpa Mueller and his crew), then headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house to have lunch - the heat was a bit much to eat at the park. After lunch Peter was able to watch a train going by out the window.

Saturday we played around, then Scott and I had a nice dinner and met back up with our friends Cody and Kirsten at the park. We watched fireworks and chatted for awhile before heading back to hit the sack.

Sunday was a lovely, lovely day weather-wise. At first it was mild and sunny, so Peter and I headed outside to check out the farm. He had a blast.

Dad joined us at one point, and the boys poked around together.

Sunday afternoon we headed to Hutchinson, met up with Eric for a little bit to chat, then had some lunch. It was pouring rain, which cooled things even more. It was soooo nice. We headed back to the house to hang out a little longer, then said our good-byes and headed home. It was a great visit and as usual, much too short.

That is it for this week! Will catch back up with you soon.


The Horton's said...

Alas- I am ONLY Scott's friend now?! I am hurt... seriously... hurt.

Nemmie said...

Oh yay, you CLAIM ME!! I am always a little embarrassed writing it as 'my friends', given that Scott's known everybody, oh - 20 years longer than I have... :)