16 September 2008

Dining Room: Before and After

Yay, dining rooms!


The old dining room was blah. Well, the shape is interesting: very much like its own little room in the house, but a narrow long room. With a big old doorway. And a breakfast nook sticking out the side from the kitchen area.
The room also shared the wall color with the kitchen, which was that sagey green that turned a lovely shade of 80s mint when the lights came on. Glamorous!

I always wanted a somewhat formal dining room, but this one wasn't really looking that way.

Here's the breakfast nook corner:


The things we did to this room were pretty simple, in fact it was the first one "half finished" (and the last one "mostly finished", as it was the last to get window treatments).

We painted it a soothing blue-gray, and the trim went white (you should see a pattern by now: we dig plain white trim). We put up drapery rods and some "champagne" colored curtains, that are a perfect match to the light fixture. All cabinet hardware was also changed out to an oiled bronze. We anchored one end of the room with our buffet, and got some cool things for decorating (forgive the left side of the buffet for the moment; usually there's a vase of flowers there to even it out). Easy!

All that's left is to find a rug that we like, and the dining room is officially finished.

We're going to fill up this wall with family pictures, eventually:

And that's it for now for renovations - the den and upstairs room are still in the early stages of remodeling stuff, and we've barely touched the yard (which was brilliant, because now we'll have the inside all finished and then will be twiddling our thumbs all winter, wanting to work on a yard that's frozen and dumped with snow/ice).

Beah is coming up for a visit late this week, so look for pictures later :) I can't wait!

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