15 September 2008

Master Bedroom: Before and After

This room really isn't finished, so you're just getting a sneak peek on it.


The walls were a nice ballerina-pink/peach color. Blech.


Well, here's what we've done: we painted the walls a warm "Peanut Butter" (Scott picked the color, if you can't tell. On name alone, yeah). We also got a new bed/new linens. And we changed the plastic blinds for cellular shades, and added drapery rods/drapes.

Oh! And we changed out the dated, white-speckled ceiling fan light cover for a warmer, caramel-swirled glass one.

Um, that's pretty much it. We knew we wanted an vintage-y iron bed, but got stumped when it came to the rest of the furniture. So we haven't bought anything yet. Any suggestions, by the way?

We also need to get an area rug for this room, and get our pictures up. Oh! And find a little lampshade for the sconce, that is killing us. I swear I used to see those things EVERYWHERE, and now that we're looking we can't find anything that fits. Grrr. One of those endless searches, I suppose...

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