11 September 2008

The House!

Better late than never, right? Actually: I was waiting to post until I had pictures of the rooms finished in their entirety, exactly as we wanted. Only: I finally admitted to myself that it’s going to be 20+ years until we’re at that point. I might as well go ahead and get some pictures up now.

So: yeah! Did you hear we bought a house? 'Bout time, really. Early this summer we got in, and have been playing around with it ever since. Just a basic Cape-Cod-ish place, lovely older neighborhood and still very close to downtown, which we love. The house is about 70 years old, so it has a lot of that old-house charm we wanted so badly. Full basement, 1 bath, technically 3 bedrooms (although one is our den/”man cave”), yadda yadda. You know, your basic house.

Let’s start off easy. Here’s the front!

And the back (how exciting, yes)!

Very minimal changes to those areas right now – aside from some potted flowers and clean up (and a new driveway), they are basically the same. Therefore, no Before and After shots of the outside of the house.

The inside is another story. When we bought the house it had brand new flooring in the kitchen/dining/bath areas, and the original hardwoods in the other rooms had just been refinished in a nice deep brown. The walls, however, were dusty and in need of a decent coat of paint. All the cabinetry and hardware and well, basically everything was outdated (although the seller did install some nice matching lighting throughout the house, so that was a nice bonus).

I’m doing a quick tour of the house as we bought it, and then will get some other posts later to show you the renovations. So stay tuned!

First off: Living Room

Master Bedroom:



Dining Room (right off the kitchen):

Upstairs Bedroom, it’s huge!

Den/’Man Cave’:

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the quickie tour! Will post more in the coming days, I promise.


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