12 July 2009

Weekend Update 7.12.09

Time for another update! Things have been pretty much the same around here, I'm still home with the baby and I think we're getting into a good routine. We ventured out quite a bit this week, scouted out potential daycares as well as took trips to the grocery store, post office, Target, clothes shopping (gotta get him trained on bargain hunting early)...

Scott bottled his 2nd batch of Robot Ale this weekend. We also got out to the Farmers Market for the first time since baby. One lonesome stand still had the yummy ripe peaches, the only one still selling the Kansas summer peach crop. So of course we picked up a few pounds.

On the Pete front: We got the baptism invites assembled, addressed, and out. He also celebrated his official 1 Month birthday on Tuesday. Happy birthday little man!

Yeah I know - he looks thrilled.

This week we were finally able to secure daycare - YEAH! That was a big hurdle. I really love this place, I think it'll be great for Pete - she coordinates with EKANS on educational programs, including working with infants, which is a bonus. We start in about 3 weeks, so we found her just in the nick of time.

On the gardening front - things are really starting to come around. The tomato plants have shot up, and we have a bunch of tomatoes starting to bloom and form. I'm super-excited about our tomatoes this year, we planted all heirlooms - Green Germans, Brandywine, and Yellow Pear. Also we now have an abundance of cucumbers. Scott started a few batches of dill pickles, and we've been enjoying cucumber salads. YUM. Kansas summers are totally gross, just hot and soupy and disgusting (you can't really do anything outside). So to me the best part is enjoying the garden goodies... inside. In the nice, temperature-controlled air conditioning. :)

Okay, off until next week. I've been baking A TON - however haven't been able to photograph everything. I hope to get a few recipes up next week, though.

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