19 July 2009

Weekend Update 7.19.09

Hello again! Another week, another update...

This week seemed to go by really quickly, lots going on. We had a wee car issue on Wednesday (ahem, Hubster), but Scott installed a new air filter and everything was good as new by the evening. We got our canvas and print order from Peter's newborn session on Wednesday as well, so we spent some time hanging pictures and assembling albums, and I got the baby announcements out in the mail. Yay!

Thursday was the annual Lawrence Downtown Sidewalk Sale, so Scott had Peter for the morning and I was downtown at 4:45am, coffee in hand, waiting for the first store to open their doors. I got tons of clothes for Peter for the coming year, and found a dress to wear to his baptism. Scott got new Reefs and a KU winter hat. All in all, a good bargain hunting day :)

I also had my final postpartum doctor appointment. I have officially lost all the baby weight, but my goodness - when they tell you that your body changes after a baby, they are not kidding. I still can't button my pre-baby jeans, and my wedding bands still don't fit on my finger. Boo. So we need to work on a few areas in the coming months (although how one slims down a finger is beyond me...).

Peter visited the work folks this week, he did really well considering all the PEOPLE and the TOUCHING and the COOING and oh! but the FLUORESCENT LIGHTING. It took him about 2 and a half hours to finally lose his cool, which is a long stretch. And only one person confused him for a girl. Must be all that pretty blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes that the boy has ;)

We had tons of rain early in the week, then awesome cool temps this weekend. Where usually it's heat indices in the 110s and humidity so thick it looks like fog, we instead have cool evenings that dip into the high 50s and sunny, breezy days in the low 70s. Absolute heaven! We've taken full advantage, Scott worked in the yard (got some beets and pattypan squash planted), and we grilled out. In the evening Scott and I take the baby monitor (and a beer) and enjoy the weather on the back deck. Ahhhh, just lovely. Aside from the bajillion mosquito bites on my body, I can't complain :)

We made a home improvement update as well, one that's been a long time coming. When we bought the house, the kitchen had a new brushed stainless faucet. After we did our updates to the kitchen I would have preferred an oiled bronze faucet to match the light fixtures and hardware, but hey. New is new, right?


The "new faucet" started to have a slower and slower water flow. At first I thought it was all in my head, but basically the water pressure kept dropping until by this spring, all we could get out was a weak trickle. It took about ten minutes to get even warm water, and doing dishes was now a long, tedious chore. Heck, washing your hands, doing ANYTHING was a long tedious chore...

To make a long (long looooong) story short: we looked for replacement parts to fix the problem, Home Depot was of no help. Turns out that they have several manufacturers make their Pegasus brand, whomever is the cheapest at the moment. Making it virtually impossible to get replacement parts... Scott eventually found the part after months of searching, but luck would have it that it didn't fix the problem. We finally just went to Lowes this weekend and bought a Moen faucet. It's a lovely oiled bronze and cost quite a bit, but I'm sure it will last a lot longer than the previous thing.

Hooray! Running water in the kitchen, what a revelation! So: that's about it for the week. We'll see what next week brings; it's the last full week of Peter at home (we're starting daycare before I head back to work, so that everyone is used to the routine before I have to add working to this whole mess). As much as I'm ready to head back to work, back to some normalcy and a healthy routine for both me and Peter, it does make me sad to know our days together are almost over.

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