27 July 2009

Weekend Update 7.26.09

Here's what I was up to this week: I baked, a lot. Three loaves of homemade cinnamon raisin bread (not that great, sadly), homemade white bread (good, but not as good as Muzzie's), and 2 new cookie recipes. One for banana oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies, and yes as good as they sound. The other was a repeat but a goodie as well: double-chocolate and sour cherry cookies. I didn't get either photographed, which is a bummer because they were both definitely blog-worthy.

The cookies were supposed to be for book club, but alas - Scott didn't fully fix the little air flow issue, so the car died in the middle of a fairly-busy intersection while I was on my way to book club. Lovely. I didn't read the book anyway, so I guess it wasn't a huge loss. I just drowned my sorrows in cookies.

Peter had his 6-week dr. appointment on Thursday. All is well, weight and height in the 75-80% range. His head circumference is still small, this time in the 25% percentile (better than his 2-week size in the 15% percentile, but still). Poor little pinhead baby. Everything else is just fine, thank you very much. He does have tummy issues and the dr. said to have him sleep sitting up, so it's all swing or car seat or inclined-bassinet for Peter. Fine by me, whatever helps that tummy of his!

Our weekend was pretty low key - just one of those lovely, quiet, relaxing weekends (the last before a busy week). Friday night I tried a new tortilla soup recipe. Oh my gosh, the BEST tortilla soup; recipe is here and you must make it exactly as given (including the tortillas and avocado for toppings; they really make the soup). We chowed down on soup while watching several episodes of Mad Men. One of my new favorite (totally addictive) shows.

Peter and Gabrielle!

On Saturday Audrey and her little cutie Gabrielle came over to meet Mr. Peter. Then later that afternoon Kala also stopped by to visit. It was a day of visitors! That evening, Scott met up with his old buddy Brek at Kaufmann to take in a KC Royals game. Hillman got thrown out and surprise surprise: the Royals won. Good night for a game!

Peter and I camped out in the bedroom that evening, where we watched more Mad Men episodes, planned the baptism menu, and basically just snuggled together in the cozy bed. I may or may not have had half a bag of Oreida french fries for dinner that night. In bed. Using Peter for a plate holder. Er, maybe. In my defense: he's nice and flat when swaddled, and he just snoozed most of the time.

Sunday morning picture time while "sleeping in".

Sunday all of us slept in, then went to the late Mass at church. Now I remember why we haven't attended that Mass in almost 3 years - lots of singing, and hand holding (don't even ask). We won't be making that mistake again for awhile. After church we had a late breakfast of Huevos Rancheros The rest of the day was spent shopping for daycare stuff, then carefully folding, labeling, and packing all the things we needed to take to daycare the next morning. Sniff. A pretty sad little chore for me. I am very, very grateful that we decided to do a trial of daycare before I head back to work, because methinks I'll be keeping him home a few days at least.

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