05 October 2009

Pretty much like twins. But different-ish.

I owe you a weekly update, I haven't forgotten. Should get it done sometime this week (first the baby was sick, now mom's got a sore throat and tight chest. Lovely). I also want to get some food blogging going, because we've made some yummy-yum things lately and it's fun to share recipes! Until then, though, I finally decided to make a serious comparison of my boys.

Scott (at some amount of months, 2 and a half maybe):

And Peter (about 3 and a half months):

The face, the hair, they could be twin babies in that regard. But Peter's eyes are definitely different, so there's hope that the boy possibly got something from his mother. Time will tell I suppose! :)

Alright, enough of that. Back in a few.

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