01 August 2009

Peter's Baptism

Peter's baptism was on August 1st. It was a great day - beautiful weather, lots of fun. We're all a bit tuckered out, so here are a bunch of pictures (and just a few words) from the big day :)

And a big thanks to Nikki for being our photographer at the ceremony!

We were getting ready to start the baptism in this one. Miss Mahni was pretty curious about the whole thing, she never left my side and asked lots of questions.

Dyl wanted to join in the fun too. I love my face in this one - I was probably thinking "hmmm can I hold my own son during his baptism?". It appears that the answer was "no", as Scott held him the entire time. Proud dad ;)

Making the sign of the cross on Peter's head.

The baptizing with holy water. Scott and I think that the baptismal font at our church looks like an outdoor water feature.

The lighting of the candle from the Pascal candle. Then we had the blessing of the parents and godparents (Beah and Paulo), and the welcoming into the church. All done! Fr. John does not waste time, I will say that. It was over in the blink of an eye.

The happy family! Plus Mahni, she was very excited by the whole thing so she squeezed in for pictures :)

Nikki also got a shot of the Kemmeters in attendance.

Peter lounging with Muzzy and Nikki, having a bottle after the ceremony.

Beah's pretty little toes. She'll probably kill me for posting this shot.

The cake! Grandma Mueller made the baptism cake, it was quite yummy. Eric helped by sprinkling it with pickle juice.

After lunch and cake, we played around outside for a bit. Here's Paul, who didn't join in with our 3D Chalk Debauchery but enjoyed watching us act like morons.

Let's just say that the way you feel from the lack of sleep that comes with having an infant? It's akin to how you act after drinking 5 glasses of wine.

Mahni checking out our masterpieces.

Dylan gets in the act as well.

The mighty Beah!

After everyone left to go home, Peter decided to relax by stripping down to his diaper and playing in the exersaucer that Beah loaned to us. He can't reach the bottom yet but boy, he still enjoyed the thing! I see many hours of entertainment ahead of him. Thank the lord for Beah and her exersaucer.

The End! See you all another week :)

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