29 August 2009

Movin' on up.

I've noticed that Peter's clothes are getting a little small on him. Not tight exactly - he's a healthy 13.5 lbs these days, but he's also falling in the rankings (so to speak) on the growth chart. Started at a 95th percentile and now is at a paltry 70th percentile. Butterball babies are the BEST! Anyhoo.

So, his clothes. He's starting to grow out of them; it started with the onesies, the classic "it won't snap" phenomenon letting me know it was time for Peter's wardrobe to consist of shirts and shorts. Now the tops have inched up to the waistline of the pants, and his pants are not quite fitting right either... So, yes. Officially time to move our 12-week-old child up to the 3-6 month size. Right on schedule, our boy.

This was music to my ears. I, like any other self-respecting woman, very much enjoy the Art of Shopping. I love love love that we have a baby boy, too, because it makes it more challenging. Cute dresses and skirts and bows and ribbons, they are everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. And girl clothes always seem to outnumber the boy apparel in a store by at LEAST 2:1. For darling man-child clothes, you really have to go on a hunt. Much more fun, my friends.

I bought a few things here and there already in 3-6 month, stuff accumulated at rummage sales and from relatives and friends, and from the sales racks of all my favorite stores. But surely it wouldn't be all he needs. The little guy will probably need more jeans, for sure. He'll be wearing this size when it gets cooler. A coat? Sweaters and sweatshirts? Yup, he'll need those. And I've been checking out all the darling "fashion" spreads in the baby rags, so I know what trendy stuff is out there. Armed to the gills with ideas, I decided to go through the "Peter Clothing" stash and pull out all the 3-6 month I actually have, so I can do a final inventory before shopping.

Uh. Erm.

I think, maybe, perhaps, I had a few more pieces than I expected...

Even Mr. Pete-o is overwhelmed by it all.

Except for these shoes. Nothing is more delicious than black dress loafers, apparently.

So in the end: no fun shopping for me for current boyish fashions. Maybe a few white long-sleeved onesies to wear under the short-sleeved stuff, but that will be all. Plus the new BabyLegs I bought him today. And maybe these shoes. But! That, my friends, is truly it. I will stop for the sake of my husband, who is a bit flabbergasted that our child has a larger wardrobe me or him. And it will only fit for about 3 months to boot...

Will have to comfort myself by shopping in the next size up. The little guy has way fewer things in that size. I swear.

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