30 August 2009

Weekend Update 8.30.09

Let's see, let's see... Not much to write about, so I'm adding lots of Peter goodness (from our Sunday trip downtown), to get you through the boring words on this page.

I think this is the last of our quiet weeks for awhile. September is filling up with book club and a baking class downtown that I signed up for with friends; our church is having a big 150th anniversary party; then there's appointments and Scott's brewing and friends' parties; and then Oktoberfest... So hang on, this should be one of the last boring updates for awhile ;)

The week was pretty low key, as already mentioned. I was super-busy at work, and (thank the lord) had a book club meeting. Lots of treats and sangria and gossiping does a lot to recharge my batteries!

The weather has been fantastic around here, I should mention. While June was rather toasty and humid, the rest of the summer has been fairly mild and rainy. When it's not raining the weather is perfect for packing up the baby and going for a nice walk.

Um - and I got this awesome little cookbook on heirloom tomatoes in the mail! I didn't order it, so someone lovely person had it sent to me. I can suspect who it is, too... Time to give Coco a call :)

That, my friends, is about it. Like I warned you - pretty boring! Next week should be busy - Scott and I are keeping busy at work, and we're heading to Pittsburg for Labor Day weekend. Pete's first trip to see the Kemmeters, and his second road trip. Let's hope he likes the car at least a little better (although who am I fooling??).

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