23 August 2009

Weekend Update 08.23.09

Not much to speak of this week - we worked. We made dinner and played a lot with the baby and kept up the house and yard. We zonked out the moment our heads hit our pillows. We went for a walk on a really nice Friday night.

And then this weekend, we checked out the Busker Festival. Rather than write a whole bunch of blah blah blah blabbering about it, I thought I'd just post some pictures from our day downtown with the buskers. Enjoy!

Peter spent the day in the Bjorn, his current favorite mode of transportation.

Weird hula-hoop ladies.

Bag pipers (they were fantastic). There were a whole slew of them, it was awesome.

No trip downtown is complete without a trip to Scott's favorite brewpub. We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner sort of thing.

Notice the bag piper who also found his way to Free State.

Peter took a nap while we ate.

Back out with the buskers.

Zydeco, yeah! Also really good.

Mooncalf the Magician

I... am not sure what this instrument is. But I thought it was cool.

Some dude juggling/hacky-sacking (? is that a verb?) a clear ball.

Mechanical Man. These guys always kinda weird me out.

...And then we went for ice cream. Peter may or may not have had a quick taste of his mother's blue moon ice cream. There isn't any photographic evidence, anyway.

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