24 April 2010

And then we got kicked out of the farmstead. The end.

Photo time!

Beah and the kids came up for a quick visit yesterday; she had the kids' pictures taken (Peter made a cameo too), then we did some bumming around the city. We met up with the Solars on their turf, near their studio in the River Market. Because we were in the neighborhood we made a quick stop at Babycakes as well, mmmmm. Lemon babycake + Shatto's root beer milk, can't beat it. I did not have my camera so there are no pictures, but rest assured. It was lovely.

After that we headed to Crown Center to have some lunch at Fritz's. As you can imagine, Dyl was in heaven. He declared it his most favorite place in all the world. Um, yeah he loved it. LOVED IT.

The trains deliver your orders (via a track that runs all around the building, over all the booths). It's a very efficient process :)

Beah did her best to distract the boys, but nothing would take their gaze away from the trains running the track.

Here comes our food!

Dyl could contain himself no longer, and had to check out the rest of the place. Beah went with him, the rest of us entertained ourselves just fine at our table.

After that we visited the fountains before leaving.

Escalator lover. The last time we were here, you couldn't keep Mahni off of 'em.

We dropped Scott off at Paulo's in Olathe (they had a man date to see Jack White that evening). Then we headed off to Deanna Rose Farmstead to spend the rest of our day.
First stop: dairy barn.

They had a milking station. Mahni was a natural.

Peter was not so sure of the calves.

Mahni had to run back and do some more milking before we left. She, ah. Well. Is our Mahni, that's for sure.

Next we visited the petting zoo. Mahni and Dylan loved the little goats. Until they started eating Mahni's dress, that is. They swarmed her, man.

Tractor track!

Authentic Kanza home.

Then to check out the wigwams.

We stopped to spend some time at the playground. Mahni and Peter were best chums at the playground.

We visited the old schoolhouse, the teacher was really helpful in explaining everything.

We took a sec to have an ice cream before finishing up. Peter loooooves ice cream sandwiches (ice cream anything really).

Then he had a quick snack of Bunnies while the other kids checked out the bunny barn and giant slide.

Mahni is the queen slider. And sadly most of the pictures of her going down the slides are not appropriate for posting, because her facial expressions are hysterical.

At about this point, we hear some guy on his cell phone talking about how they had to get out of there, because they were closing in mere minutes. And then we looked around and realized, huh. No one else seems to be here... Sure enough, they were closing. So we left.

Beah and I followed each other to our respective turn-offs, then went our separate ways. Sniff. As usual, the visit was much too short.
Peter and I headed back to Lawrence for an evening to ourselves (Scott was staying the night at Paulo's), we did some grocery shopping before heading home and calling it a night. Peter, as usual, rode the car while I did the shopping. He adores that thing.

Update will come tomorrow. Have a great rest of your weekend, see you soon.

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