11 April 2010

Weekly Update 04.11.10

He looks like he just won a ton o' cash at the race tracks, right? But no. Instead he found two dollars in his father's wallet and was so incredibly jazzed, we couldn't help but let him carry on for awhile.

Later he tried to reach some of his beautiful babies to see if they maybe wanted to go out for an ice cream, but no one answered his calls. Bummer. And PS hello! You mom is RIGHT HERE and she is more than happy for an ice cream date. Sheesh, 10 months into this motherhood thing and I'm already too uncool for a mom/son date.

You know that awesome, relax-y feeling you get on a Sunday evening when the baby's in bed, dinner has been enjoyed and the kitchen is shiny spotless, and the last load of laundry is finished and folded, the bags are packed for tomorrow, and your house is clean and quiet and cozy-dark and you can just sit down and breathe, and enjoy a glass of wine, and maybe write a blog post? Yeah. I'm there. Sadly at 9:30pm, but hey, I'll take it. Anyhoo. This week in summary:

Busy as usual (never a bad thing). I've been taking my antibiotics and hey, whadda ya know - I feel about 8 thousand times better. Funny how that works.

I also spent one evening filling in our future engagements in our shared Google Calendar and tried my best not to cry. This little family is busy every weekend until May 22nd, then busy again until August something. Eeps. How did two very hermit-like individuals get themselves into this kind of mess?? Aw hell, and I have a baby birthday to plan on top of things.

Fun times ahead!

In weekend news, I will just type out some random snippets because otherwise I'm not sure how to collect all my wayward thoughts on an eventful-yet-homey-weekend-o'-stuff:

Friday Scott and I went out on a real life date, it was lovely! Many many thanks to my dear brother Paul, who pretended to be excited to make a 30-minute drive each way to sit in our house and stare at the wall for 3.5 hours while our child snoozed and we ran amok downtown. But hey man - I fed him, like, leftovers. Not just any leftovers! A lovely tuna and marinara with capers and lemon over rotini kind of leftovers. And we also forced him to eat (like in a, "man you have to eat this! No really, eat it!!" kind of way) the last surviving slice of key lime pie that was floating around in the fridge. So, uh. Yeah. We probably still owe him Big Time.

Anyhoo though! We had a nice long evening of sashimi and drinks at the Yokohama sushi bar, and then lingered over a nightcap at Free State. Then just to ensure we were Responsible Adults Who Drive Sober, we decided to blow some time at Borders. Just like the old days when we lived near downtown! Only: now our Borders closes at 10pm, so we basically walked in the door and heard the "Borders is now closing, please bring your purchases to the nearest counter.." message. Oh, yay. I mean, lame, right? They used to stay open until like midnight. So instead we tromped around downtown a bit before heading back home.

You ever have one of those moments where you think you are just sooooo smart, like "hey why install the baby drawer locks when we have a yard stick the baby can't get into them that way, har har har"? Yeah. We had one of those moments. And clearly we should have less of them.

Saturday we had a first birthday party for a dear friend's son. Cowboy themed, oh yeah! Julie and I were pregnant at the same time, our kids are a mere 8 weeks apart, so we bonded over "so-yeah-this-weird...-thing?-happened-and-yo-man-what-IS-that-all-about-pregnancy-is-bizarre!!!" moments. A lot. Plus we both happened to have towheaded baby boys with bright blue eyes and fair skin and when they were really small they could have been twins. You know, like the kind of twins where one twin looks 2 months older than the other.


The party was like a training session for where we'll be in a few short months - wow, almost a year. How did this happen already? Feels like I was just trying to figure out how to do this darn swaddling thing, now I'm researching potty chairs. Future mommies take note: it really truly does go by in the blink of an eye. So enjoy every little moment.

Also, Julie: rad party. Clearly I have a lot to live up to :)

Let's see. Other than that we did a lot of spring-and-summerizing. Scott was a dream and went around and sprayed and sealed and did all sorts of fun things to ensure that the buggies and hot blasts of air don't sneak into the house this summer. He also mowed and did some upkeep in the yard and oh my gosh, I just realized that now with the baby upkeep in the yard will be about a thousand times more complicated. Peter and I decided to spend some quality time together by shopping. And shopping. And shopping. We stopped for a quick lunch at Culvers, where our boy may or may not have shared a Cheeseburger Butterburger Value Meal with his mother. And man, but he inhaled the meat, would squawk angrily for more in-between bites. They must have some quality beef in their burgers (or so I tell myself).

See now: Paulo is not the only one forced to eat our tuna marinara and lemon caper pasta leftovers.

This weekend while grocery shopping the Starbucks lady was walking around giving samples of an iced green tea, and we took one and Peter was Super Excited to share it. I think the teeny sample cup made for easy baby sipping (and totally resembles a shot glass, which is also slighty funny to see a baby hit it). So he enjoyed the beverage. Then he insisted on eating the ice. And then! He played with the cup, pretending to drink out of it the rest of our time in the store (he would also make an over-exaggerated slurping noise, oh the humanity you're killing me kid). So god help me, but I couldn't throw that stupid cup away. I took it home and washed it and he now uses it at meals, happy as a clam to drink like the Big People.

It kinda makes me sad. But it also kinda cracks me up, because he now is obsessed with cups and will play with them all the live long day, pretending to mix drinks and feed them to you or drink them himself. Future bartender-in-training.

He looks like a drunk frat boy here, right? Or maybe that's just me.

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