05 April 2010

Weekly Update 4.05.10


I am tired and still sick (oh, guess what! A wicked sinus infection, yeah. Maybe I should have went to the doctor weeks ago instead of letting it linger into what will soon be remembered as The Month Long Headache of Suck). So, it will be mostly pictures this week. I am sure you are super upset (not really).

So - the weather, it went from chilly and gross to really really really nice. We took advantage and spent some time outside as much as we possibly could.

Okay a quick side note: this shirt in the picture below was a split-second grab on my way to check out at Old Navy a few months ago, it was on clearance for like 97 cents. And it is one of my favorite Mr. Doots shirts.


We love swinging.

The new swing set looks nice in the yard, eh? Now we need to start working on spring-i-fying our yard...

Cupcakes are best enjoyed outside.

Um, if you missed the secret posted the first time - Peter actually has pretty curly hair. We just brush it out a lot (while wet most certainly) to keep those curls under control.

So on Good Friday Scott was off work, I was off work, and Peter didn't have daycare. No pictures, but we spent the day shopping. Got a bunch of presents for summer birthdays and weddings, I finally got a pair of sunglasses, and we had a long lunch at Free State. It was lovely.

Then Saturday we headed to the 'Burg for Easter. Peter and Miss Mahni got re-acquainted (didn't take long).

My brother was goofing with my camera and I showed him where I felt the Pain of Sinus Infectionism.

Doots doots and Doot's Dad.

He learned to make that "pfffffft" car noise that little boys make when they play with toy cars? I think his cousin Dylan taught him. So we have been enjoying the spitty, noisy sounds ever since.

Hey - I may have grown up with a bunch of women, but I can still figure out how to play with cars, okay?

Later Saturday evening I spied the Easter Bunnies filling baskets. Uh, yeah. Us "kids" still get baskets. Needless to say there is a lot of candy at our house right now.

Scott stole my camera and took a picture of his beer.

Then it was Easter! Peter was rockin' it Mad Men 1960-style and wore a romper. Even pulled it off while sitting on the floor, helping Muzzy and grandpa make Easter brunch. He has mad cooking skillz.

Easter Basket Time.

The boys devouring their candy.

Doots changed into something more comfortable, then "played" with Tinnie. And by "played", I mean "played hard to get"...

For dessert we made cupcakes! Actually my dad baked them. I helped to decorate.

The crown pork roast!

Later we had some Peep-role-play fun. Tinnie gave it a shot first.

I promised her I wouldn't put this picture on Facebook. And for the record: I didn't.

Then she saw the video with Peter and the Duckie Tub, and she went to wish him sweet dreams during naptime.

Later Peter tried out the Peep costume. He was not as excited as Tinnie.

And that was about it for the weekend - we visited Nikki and Rick and momma Bev before heading back to Lawrence, where we hit a standstill on Hwy 10. There was an accident that put things back a bit. Got home, then off to bed for everyone.

And yeah, then today. We had some morning thunderstorms, then a sunny (and kinda humid) afternoon. Peter went for a ride in the coupe but kinda zonked out about halfway through. How in the world sleeping in such a position is comfortable to small children is beyond me.

So there you go, in a nutshell. I'm off to do some lines of antibiotics, then to bed with me. Have a good week my dears, hope that you all had a lovely Easter...

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