01 April 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Cadbury Mini Eggs
Oh my gosh, those little suckers are so darn delicious. Usually I am overjoyed to find them at the grocery store in early March, and so I buy a bag to put in the pretty glass candy dish my Auntie Anna got for me. Uhhhhh, and then between the two of us Scott and I eat them all in approximately 3 days. And then I have to buy more. It is a vicious cycle of Mini Egg gorging and you want to hear the worst part? I never ever get sick of them, I’d do it year-round if they were available. They have a perfect, thick, crispy candy shell and their interior chocolate is just aaaaaawesome. It just melts so nicely on the tongue. My favorite Easter candy hands down! I’ve shown immense self-control by not buying even one bag yet this year. (Key word: yet.)

Finally, blessedly, our region of the world is waking up from that wintery blustery mess and allowing in the spring. It’s been sunny and in the 70s, all around lovely. We’ve taken full advantage of the sun and warmth here: testing out the swing set every evening, taking strolls around the neighborhood, windows open and fans a-running. I’ve gotten the itch to start planning my container gardens. Now, I probably speak too soon (a cold front and thunderstorms are on tap for tomorrow) but oh, this is nice. Even just a taste of spring has done a lot for my attitude.

Papo D’Anjou
Sweet, classic children’s clothing. Maybe their clothes aren’t all slick and trendy like a lot of the stuff you see out there these days, some may call it old-fashioned even, but still I adore the clothes they sell. And yeah, it’s pretty unaffordable to the masses, but it gives me outfit ideas, that is for sure.

Key Lime Pie
This is my most favoritest recipe and it is darn easy and always works like a charm and it literally (literally, I have timed it) takes 30 minutes tops from standing at the counter staring down your ingredients to a finished, baked pie. And mmmm, crumbly slightly-sweet crust with creamy and tart tart tart lime filling, what is not to love I must ask?

Wild is the Wind
Nina Simone’s version has been on heavy rotation on my mp3 player lately. A million other people have performed this song (David Bowie probably most notably). His is like a childish lullaby compared to Nina Simone, seriously. Her version is bluesy, a pure lonely woman ballad. So soulful. I think Nina Simone is an aquired taste music-wise, but when you fall for Nina Simone you fall hard.

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