07 June 2010

Happy Birthday

Dear Peter,

Congratulations on your first year, my son. You are officially no longer a baby, but instead well on your way to manhood. So let me take this moment to share with you (to the best of my womanly ability), the Man Rules:

  • Keep the safety on until you pull the trigger.

  • At the ballpark, never start the wave. But never let it die, either.

  • You can people watch, but don’t stare.

  • Walk it off.

  • Don’t linger in a doorway: it’s in or out. (Your father has yet to master this one.)

  • Offer your date the seat with the better view in the restaurant.

  • Never swing at the first pitch.

  • Go barefoot. It toughens the feet.

  • It’s not enough to be proud of your ancestry. Live up to it.

  • And the pleats on a cummerbund face up.

There now, you’re all set. Your father can cover the few things I overlooked. And if you need anything else, please know I’m here for ya.

Much love,

Peter, Year 1 from Emily Mueller on Vimeo.

PS: And you’re still my baby. Always.

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