25 June 2010

Hot Hot Summer

This Monday marked the official first day of summer and oh boy, but did the weather feel like it as well - heat indices in the low 100s, just humid and sticky and hot hot hot (even the breeze, when it hits you, feels like a furnace).

Now, generally I am of the disposition to say "yeah forget all that" and then hole up in the comfort of my cool cozy home, enjoying the hum of our central air unit. But we've had a lot of rain lately as well, and having a sunny and pretty Friday (sweltering, yes, but still pretty) is not something to be wasted. So after work we sprung the child from daycare, and headed up to campus and downtown to enjoy a few hours together.

We parked on the northeast side of campus and hit up the Union first, played around in the Bookstore. Translation: we tried several different items on Doots like he was our personal toy doll. Sorry darling: you're still small though so these things happen. And besides, we decided for sure that you need that winter-mohawk-hat thing. So it wasn't all in vain.

After that we strolled our way over to Greek row.

. . . where we decided to hang out at the Chi O Fountain for awhile. It's tradition to go for a dip on your birthday (or anytime, really, but my point) - he may be a few weeks out, but Peter finally made it official today. At first, as usual, he was pretty cautious so he sat on my lap and we talked about all the cool water sprays in the fountain.

Then we went closer to investigate.

And after that, it took him maybe another 30 seconds to take the plunge and run amok in there.

We pulled him out after awhile and let me just say: I wish I had photographic evidence of the meltdown we witnessed. He got over it in about a minute though (thank goodness for 1-year-olds), and happily serenaded us the rest of our walk back to the car.

At that point it was getting a little late, so we made one last stop to Sylas and Maddy's, for some homemade ice cream. For the first time in years, I was the one to get a peanut-butter flavor (with sweet cream and Oreos and chocolate-covered nuts, pretty darn good) and Scott got a non-peanut-butter flavor (fresh cherries and chocolate chunks, Cherry Garcia has nothing on this stuff). It's safe to say that we all enjoyed ourselves while there.

Then sadly back to the car, to head home.

Or maybe, not so sadly to be honest. It was air-conditioned, after all.

It's summer and we're busy, but will see you soon! Have a weekend full of time in KC, the Zoo, St. John's Fiesta, a visit from family. . .

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