06 June 2010

Weekly Update 06.06.10

Hi. Busy week, so let's bullet-point that update. I am in a bullet-pointy mood. Mostly party pics this week, too, because I was really bad about breaking out the camera (and all Sunday pics are still on said camera, which I accidentally left in Pete's room).

- Hi, I have another sinus infection. This one is strange and only on one side, making it especially nice. They gave me the super-strong antibiotics this time, and a Rx nasal spray, so that should knock it right out.

- Peter was also pretty sick at the beginning of the week, high fever: it hit 105F a few times so we were a bit worried, and Motrin/Tylenol didn't seem to do anything for it. Monday afternoon I went to get him from one of his (many) naps and his fever had broken - his sheets, clothes, and hair were soaked in sweat, but the fever was completely gone. Hurrah!

- With Memorial Day, Pete's sickness, my sickness, and taking a vacation day on Friday - I didn't exactly get much office-time in this week. Next week should be nice and hectic...

- Beah sent Doots a Cozy Coupe for his birthday. I assembled it all by myself, took over 2 hours: those things look deceptively easy to put together, but dudes there are a LOT of small parts involved.

- Friday morning we had family pictures with the Solars! Fun as always, and I was able to pull together some last-minute outfits (I bought Pete this awesome hipster button-up shirt, to wear with dark-wash jeans and his fedora and Vans. Only, I didn't try the shirt on him until 7pm Thursday night, and it turns out the shirt landed below his knees. Oops. And another outfit's shorts were too big. So we had some last minute wardrobe changes...). Anyhoo, can't wait to see the pics, should be up soon :)

- Nikki came and stayed with us late in the week; she had school + work stuff to take care of, and then helped out with party planning/prepping/decorating. She. Was. A. Godsend.

- Party went really well! It was insanely hot (KS summers SUCK, it was 100F with the heat index and humid humid humid) but everybody still seemed to have a good time! All the kiddos helped Peter with his smash cake, which was perfect: he's quiet and I think being alone with the thing would have been a disaster of hiding his face and crying. Instead it was a good time had by all the babies/toddlers.

- Oh my gosh, but the party, it is over! It's really over! I love party planning and setting up and all of that, but I must admit that I always feel like an awkward, sweaty hostess; I love my family/friends and yet I still get a case of the nerves just hoping everyone has a good time. Which it seems like they all did, so now I am a little sad it is all over, I must admit. And now I'll turn my attention to planning a baby shower that I'm co-hosting later this summer...

- One of Peter's gifts was a gift certificate to one of our favorite shops downtown, The Toy Store. We decided that since we really won't have another chance to head up there for a long time, that we would just go ahead and spend it on Sunday. Peter was super-happy to pick out his own little toys, and finally settled on a pretend-food set, a little basketball, and the best thing of all: a broom and dustpan set. I mean, he freaked. He grabbed it and held it until we went to drop it off at the car, he was so pumped. He has spent a good chunk of time happily sweeping the floors ever since our return home.

- Pete loves Juice Stop. In a way that he has never shown affection for anything before. It was blazing hot on Sunday, so at the end of a leisurely walk of Mass St. we decided to grab a smoothie. From the first sip he had a death grip on the cup, screaming it when I took it away and "hid" it (and ladies and gents, he screamed for SEVERAL BLOCKS down Mass St., until I caved and gave it back to him in the car). He drank more than half of a 20-oz. cup, shrieking anytime I even moved my hand, as if I was going to snatch it away again at any second. I have a friend whose daughter who is also obsessed with their smoothies, so I can only determine that it is Toddler Crack.

- While we were downtown (thankfully before the Juice Stop Fiasco) I bought myself these awesome sparkly Reefs at Shark's. I also almost bought a dashboard hula lady, but was able to restrain myself.

- The rest of Sunday included us just chilling, relaxing after a busy few weeks, gearing up for the next week ahead. I leave for a business trip mid-week and am gone for 7 days, I'm trying not to think too much about it... At least this meeting is full of fun, interesting folks and has a lot of evening functions, so I should be so busy and entertained that time goes by quickly.

- A year ago today I was just getting home from a long walk with a friend, pretty much hit the sack immediately afterwards (to wake up to contractions). My goodness, how time flies.

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