19 July 2010

Estes Park: Day 2

Day Two... came much too fast. We are starting to refer to our rooms as "dorms" rather than lodge rooms, because woooo. Not too fancy, on top of all the other luxuries the beds are hard as rocks and the pillows are as flat as pancakes. So no one really slept too well. But, we shall persevere. We're not here for the air conditioning, or the TV, or Perfect Bed systems. It's a place to sleep in between all the fun. So anyway, on to Day Two.

We headed to the dining lodge and enjoyed sweet, sweet coffee along with all the breakfast goodies. Afterwards were family photos, and wouldn't you know it - a storm blew in just as we were all finishing up in the dining hall. Huge drops and cold winds, which while welcome for a moment were also quickly turned to chilly! We got a few good shots off, then everyone broke off for the day's activities. Most of the family was headed to Grand Lake for the day, but we decided to stick around (figured Peter wouldn't last too long). All the other family members with small babies stuck around as well, so we weren't alone.

Right after pictures we headed over to the Activity lodge to participate in Bubble Hour, but sadly due to the weather it was cancelled. We walked around the lodge a little bit and checked things out. Like this awesome stuffed beaver.

Then we headed out. Here's a shot of one of the classes that was just gearing up, they were studying... bones? Or something?

We made a quick dash through the rain back to our dorm, and got to our room just in time to watch the family members leaving for Grand Lake (from our window).

We waited for the rain to let up a little bit, then headed back to town to do a little shopping. Peter played with the DVR player in the back seat - he doesn't watch it so much as he pretends to type on it, as if it is his personal laptop.

We had fun shopping. Now, I know you are asking yourself, "when are they going to stop trying stupid hats on that poor kid when they're shopping?". And the answer is: when he is old enough to run away.

Poor little baby is teething again, and is such a trooper - has a low fever and is drooling buckets, but the whining is to a minimum. He looooved my smoothie, I think it helped cool down those gums.

He found a few must-haves at the toy store.

One store had a funhouse mirror. Family portrait time!

We had lunch at Poppy's - mmm, good pizza. And a discriminating beer selection, which Scott enjoyed.

Peter fed his Muppet chunks of his appetizer. I've caught him also lovingly feeding his blanket bits of his dinner, and giving it sips from his sippy cup. Er, yeah.

We ordered the Rocky Mountain pie - olive oil, cream cheese, smoked trout, capers, and onion. YUM.

Peter really enjoyed it as well.

After dinner we headed back to the room, and Peter took a long nap. He woke up just in time for yet another rain storm to blow in, boo. So we waited it out before heading to the playground on the campus.

Finally some sun, so off we went.

We were there about half an hour when OH GUESS WHAT - yeah, more rain clouds. So we headed inside the nearby Crafts lodge to check things out before going back to our room.

I kinda wish Peter was a little older on this trip, because they have really cool crafts - painting/firing clay items, tie-dye station, jewelry-making, mosiacs, you name it.

We played in the room for a little while before meeting up with the rest of the family for dinner, and then some quality family time afterwards. All the wee ones had a fun time playing together.

Here are Peter's cousins, trying to be polite and not laugh at the dork in his PJs.

Peter was able to hang in there until 8:30p, then we headed back to the room to go to bed.
Another update to come tomorrow.

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