05 July 2010

Fourth O' Jooooo-Lie

So it's been a long week and our cable provider is (SHOCKINGLY) not quite working correctly and you know what, I have to head out early tomorrow so this update will be mostly pictures, little bit of words.

I am sure you are disappointed.

So! Friday we took a quick dip in the Chi O fountain after daycare, as is becoming our summer ritual.

Then a quick dinner at 23rd Street Brewery, where our son proved that he is pretty much officially a todder (translation: odd). He tossed all toys aside, because, oh. He would much rather play with the KU-themed complimentary after-dinner mints the entire time we are at the restaurant.

We headed to the 'burg for the holiday weekend, Coco and Steve made a visit from Appleton and that, my friends, cannot be missed. Doots and Bear napped on the way down.

One of the first things we all did was play a rousing game of Hide And Seek, headed by the Queen of Hiding - Miss Tinnie the Toots. She hid under the (very open, clear to anyone nearby) computer table in the den.

Mahni was on Doots like white on rice.

I am totally not exaggerating. This is how most of their time together this weekend was spent.

When not stalking Peter, Mahni was working on hair (with her loyal assistant Dylan at her side).

Tin and I caught up on our Glee episodes, rocking through the first two CDs of Season 1.

While Mahni was obsessed with Doots, he had an obsession of his own - Mr. Mo-Mo, AKA "dee-dee!".

Peter had a good time. This included watching the washing machine work (with the aid of a flashlight).

And swinging in the backyard.

He helped hang laundry on the line (no rain on the 4th where we were, don't be jealous).

Speaking of the 4th! I have no photographic evidence, but we also stopped by Nik and Rick's for a few hours, enjoyed some time on the trampoline and also flying the millenium falcon. Kinda sorta (that kite, it did not want to fly).

Also! Peter zonked out in the late afternoon, and woke back up about 9pm. Totally off schedule, but it meant he was able to check out the city fireworks display with us. He hooted and clapped with the best of them, that's our boy.

Played in the dirt...

Spazzed out.

Off topic: Oh man, I took a shot of the grossest bug ever in Muzzy's garden.

Helped water the gardens (speaking of gardens).

Begged food off of Paulo.

Played some more with dear Dee-Dee (more to come at a later time on that whole friendship).
Fruit-salad-makin' time (with a fresh watermelon from the Jims-Steakhouse-parking-lot-"Sweet Corn"-guy).

Peter snacking on a peach that came from the same gentleman's garden.

Doots and Beah really bonded this weekend.

Paulo put together a (small) grill.

Okay: so before we left to head back home, we decided to do family pictures. Mahni was totally excited, she was wearing her first-ever bikini (was heading to the water park later that day). But, um. I felt a little weird posting pictures of my dear little niece in a bikini? So I used my mad editing skillz to cover her up a bit. Sorry pedophiles, better move along to a different site.

She asked me to take a picture of her sitting on a yard-art mushroom in the yard. This picture is way more hysterical in the original form.


The fam!

More fam!

And then we left, boo.

When we got home Peter dumped all the decorative stems out of a vase in protest of having to go back to our boring home. Then we went luggage-shopping and out for dinner at a Mexican joint. Afterwards he acted as if he was some freshman sorority sister who drank too many margaritas, and passed out in the car the second we buckled him in. He never woke up, not even when we spent 5 minutes talking to the neighbors when we got home, nor when we took him up and changed him into PJs, or put him to bed...
Oh and PS - loooove my new luggage. Hard-side, rolly style, with a bright blue interior (with little apples all over it!) and a cute navy exterior with little stars all over. No way am I losing sight of that at baggage claim.

Okay okay, time to hit the hay so I can head to the airport in the early morning. Rhode Island, here I come...

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