17 July 2010

Weekly Update

It has been a hot July in Kansas, my friends. All week the heat index hovered around 105-110F, and the air's just thick thick thick with humidity. We've treated ourselves to many a trip to the baby pool in the evenings, slathered in sunscreen, followed by ice cream chasers on the front porch. Take that, nasty heat. You're not going to ruin our summer.

We also spent a lot of quality time in the air-conditioned darkness of our home.

Peter has developed a deep love for fresh peaches in the past few weeks. We took a trip to the organic market earlier this week, for the first time I let him push around the tot-sized shopping carts they have there. He was so happy to push it around, picking up random veggies that were at his height, pretend to examine them, then toss them in his cart and wander to the next display. Oh my gosh, if they are nothing else, toddlers are Watchers, and Mimics. It is bizarre.

However, when he spied the display of peaches all playtime was over - he toddled right over, grabbed one, and immediately sank his teeth into it. And screamed if I tried to take it away. So I picked up Peter and the contents of his cart, grabbed a half gallon of milk (and a container of our favorite fig yogurt), and by the time we hit the register the peach was half gone. I just had them weigh another to pay for the darn thing. By the time we pulled into the driveway there was nothing left but the pit, and I am glad I was smart enough to pick up a few more for when his next craving hits.

We did our usual Friday-at-the-fountain, this Friday however was also KU Orientation so Peter had to share the fountain with several KU kiddos (some future, some giving the tour). They were happy to share with him though, as Peter was already a pro at spraying everything in sight with the fountain spouts.

We headed down to Sylas and Maddys for ice cream afterwards, and when we stepped in the door half the room started laughing. Erm... Then we realized the huge pack of kids that were at the fountain also wandered there for ice cream afterwards. Heh. They told us we didn't have to follow them around, that we were more than welcome to join their crew anytime ;)

We left and headed to the car to be greeted by dark clouds that seemed to come out of nowhere. They ended up blowing over town, only causing things to get even more humid. Joy!

After Peter went to bed we printed maps for our trip to Estes Park, as well as compiled packing lists and made to-do lists for Saturday. We enjoyed Jade Garden and cold beer for dinner while we did this - Jade Garden is a special, lovely little Chinese restaurant that also makes (and delivers!) pretty darn good sushi. Somewhere that delivers not only crab rangoons but also spicy tuna handrolls?? Needless to say, it's our go-to spot when we order delivery.

Saturday was spent packing, playing, and relaxing before our big day of travel tomorrow. It's Peter's first ever time on a plane, so everyone cross their fingers. We could have driven (about 9 hours) but considering our kid starts the non-stop screeching at about 2 hours into any drive in the car, we thought the 1-hour flight (followed by maybe an hour in the car) sounded oh-so-much nicer.

We had lunch at the Burger Stand again; this time they were blaring CCR and Peter rocked out the entire meal, flapping his arms and weaving side to side. It was pretty much as awesome as it sounds.

Rock on, ladies and gents.

We head to a BBQ at a friend's house outside of town soon, in about an hour, but only plan on staying for a few hours before heading back to get the child to bed and finish packing (then turn in early to get a good night's sleep).

And that's all she wrote. This week, anyway. Will probably check back in with a bajillion pictures later in the week :)

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Julia & Tyler said...

I love to see the pictures of Peter up on campus. We lived in a rental house about 3 doors down from the Jayhawk Bookstore from the time I was about 4mos-3years. So I have lots of baby pictures of me toddling around campus.