01 July 2010


Peter loves to play in the spray. Hose him down, toss him in a fountain, shove him in front of sprinklers and activity pools, push him down the slip and slide (well, okay not that but you get my point) - he loves to play in running water. Showers, people. My kid even loves the shower over baths.

Which gets me to my point.

He most certainly does not like the pool. Ooooooooh, don't try to get him in the pool, no no no no. He is terrified of them. I have bought inflatable pools, shallow pools, plastic pools, it doesn't matter the response is always the same. Screaming, stiff body, total heebie-jeebies, the whole nine yards - he hates 'em.

I should have known that all it would take was his daddy and plenty of hand-holding to convert him.

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