27 October 2009

Roll out the barrel...

Bad mommy alert.

I think I might have forgotten to maybe recognize a tiny milestone here at the Mueller household. We, ah, have movement.

Oh, but not of the scooting or crawling kind. Instead, our dear boy has decided to pick up the fine art of barrel-rolling. Daycare alerted us of this feat first, when I came to pick him up one night Peter was playing with a toy near the door. "He started out over there" she said, and pointed to an area well into the depths of her house. I laughed because I figured she was joking. I mean, come on. Then she informed me that he rolls the entire way. Well, that would make sense...

That evening I put him on his mat to play and stepped back a bit. And sure enough - tentative for sure, but he rolls, then looks around, then may decide to change direction (which he does by scooting with his feet), then rolls again... Hilarious. It is a fun kind of movement because it's slow, and we really don't have to do much baby-proofing for this.

Or so I tell myself. In this picture - he is laughing, right? And then a few minutes later he bonked his head when he rolled into the kitchen cabinets.

And here - he had changed direction and rolled into the pantry, into a growler, knocking it down like a bowling ball hitting a bowling pin.

Fun times. Oh - and I'm totally back-dating this so it pops up in the correct order in time. I'm only off by a few days, I pinky swear.

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