18 October 2009

Weekend Update 10.18.09

Let's see, let's see...

Scott bottled the Weizenbock (see there dear? I spelled it correctly this time...).

I had my hair cut for the first time in FOREVER and also hunted down my brow girl (who left my previous salon), so it was a good week. I feel a little more like a lady again...

You know, I lost all the baby weight. Like, in 6 weeks' time. It was awesome, and I totally credited the fact that I nurse the baby. Magical! Wonderful! It's just like everyone says!! So, given the fantastic loss in such a short period, I continued to eat like I did for those 6 weeks (which would be: enjoying dessert and assorted snacks whenever I wanted, huzzah). But guess what, my pets. My clothes are getting a little tight if I must admit it, so I weighed myself - up 4 pounds as of this week, not amused. So much for that diet plan. As of this week, the healtheir eating begins again, and I need to find a gym. And now you see, the nice fresh cut and wax really helped the old self-esteem.

And the big news of the weekend - Aimee is in Kansas! Aimee, Jasmin, and the twin babies visited for a week. We headed to Pittsburg for the weekend and I gotta say, it went by in the blink of an eye. Sadness.

We then had a long, loooooong drive back to Lawrence Sunday night. Peter did not take the drive well, to say the least (there are still barf stains in the back seat). But hey, let's not dwell on that. Pictures from the weekend with the Kemmeters below :)

Oh yeah! I gave Mahni her birthday present from us early, as I knew she'd love it - her very first digital camera. She appears to really like it.

Peter charmed the ladies, as usual.

Mahni gave me the tour of Muzzy and Dad's bathroom renovation - so different! Looks great already, even though there are still a few things to finish up.

Beah and Jasmin chat it up.

Paul... just... yeah. Whatever.

OMG, Tinnie finally joined Facebook!

We took a few trips to the park. I have a bunch of pictures from those trips, so we'll do a separate post for that.

Georgie and Dad caught up on their television together.

Mmmmm, Elise loves M&Ms. Lick-the-bowl good.

More to come shortly...

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