26 October 2009

Weekend Update 10.25.09

My work is doing their usual “Celebrate Walktober” thing this month (it’s a “get healthy!” program where you are asked to go for a walk every day in October, or at least as often as possible). Weather cooperating, I try to take Peter out for a walk in the evenings. It’s been pretty rainy and chilly here this October, though, so it hasn’t always panned out... When we are able to walk, Peter usually zonks out in the Bjorn before we get home (man, he loves that thing. Best money ever spent). Here’s how he is usually deposited when we get back:

When I try to get him back to sleep the bazillion times he wakes in the middle of the night, the slightest shift in weight startles him wide awake. And yet - constant jostling and being plunked face-down on our (smother-tastic down-covered) bed doesn’t faze him in the least. Kids are so weird.

Peter also had a dr. appt. this past week. His weight and height are in the 50th percentile, the doctor proclaimed him “perfectly normal”. I personally would like to take this moment to let that sink in for all those people who think our baby is huge or “so heavy!” or whatever. Because yeah guess what, naw. He isn’t. I think that is just going to be a permanent by-product of having a big newborn and I need to get used to it. Not like there is anything wrong with big babies mind you, as far as I’m concerned the chubbier the better. But it’s still a little odd to have people constantly commenting on a normal-sized baby as “hulking, and huge, a little linebacker, etc.”. Maybe that's supposed to be a compliment because he's a boy, I don't know...

I also made my weight in cupcakes this week, all for the love of Jules. I told her I’d make desserts for her Halloween party, and with 50+ RSVPed that meant lots of baking. I made buttermilk cupcakes with Swiss meringue buttercream for the kiddos, and Tiramisu cupcakes for the grown people. And then I threw in some pumpkin whoopie pies for good measure, because who doesn't love a whoopie pie? Hopefully, they all ended up happily in peoples’ tummies. There were a lot of delectable desserts on that buffet table…

And then there was Friday. Scott and I took off work, so we could hang out with Aimee et al. on her last full day in Kansas. We met them at The Legends for lunch at T Rex, then had to hustle back to Lawrence to take pictures of all of the cousins (because hey guess what, the Kemmeter Curse of Lateness struck once again and no one made it up here until 1pm and then we had to rush and eat and dash back to Lawrence, but it was still a lot of fun anyway). Anyhoo. Will post a link to the photos whenever it’s available so everyone can check them out, 'kay?

Saturday we went to a Halloween party. It was all for the kiddos (well, except for the fancy "mommy only" cider) and it was so much fun! I love to see all the wee ones dressed up in costumes. Our dear little man has an As Yet Unannounced costume but I knew he wouldn't like it too much for this shindig (it's a bunting and he can hardly move in it), so we did the next best thing. We dressed him up as his idol, Patrick Swayze. The Chippendale SNL Patrick Swayze, to be more exact. Um yeah it was pretty bad ass.

And how is the boy doing these days, really? Ah, he's fine. Still lovin' the cereal, in fact we're thinking of adding some oatmeal to that diet in the near future (I KNOW SO EXCITING). He still sucks at sleeping through the night, but has had a yucky cough lately so I don't blame him too much for getting up a million times. He'll get it eventually, and to be honest while the exhaustion is a Total Suck I kinda like getting up with him. We keep NPR on all night in his room so we usually groove to some jazz and listen to news bits and I think about things like wow - someday, I'll think back on this and it will seem like it was all a daydream. So I rock him and he snuggles and even though it's 3am and we're up for the 3rd time, I appreciate it a wee bit.

He is such a sweet baby, with chunky thighs and chub-cheeks and goofy mooooooo noises and funny faces, whose whole face lights up just because I happened to move into his field of vision. My little man, my sunshine baby. Thank goodness for Scott's happy genes is all I have to say. This kid got them in spades.

That's it for me this week - check ya later.

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