06 October 2009

Weekly Update 10.04.09

So. Timmy and his girlfriend Stacy came up to see us this weekend! Scott and Tim re-built our porch, got it back in working order. Peter was sick. And other things probably happened but OH MY FREAKING GOD THE BABY IS NOT SLEEPING AGAIN.

So, it's like, worse? He screams his way through the bedtime routine. He'd get up twice a night, then three times a night, then 4 to 5 or even 6 times a night... So I did the worst thing possible.

I dragged the baby into bed with us for 2 nights in a row.

Now, I don't care what anyone tells you. Apparently, putting a baby in bed with you is akin to giving them crack. IT ONLY TAKES ONE OR TWO TIMES TO GET THEM ADDICTED. He now won't sleep on his own, just screams and screams. He wakes up every 30-45 minutes NO EXAGGERATION, believe me - I watch the clock. It's insane. Sometimes when he gets up, he's up for an hour or more. It is just decidedly Not Cool. So we are going to go extreme, and just put him upstairs in his crib to sleep. It's far away and a pain to walk up there and hard to hear him, but it needs to be done.


I guess in my zombie-state I have nothing else to blather about. Now I'm off to bed. That kid is lucky he's cute, is all I have to say. Otherwise a spontaneous road trip to Nebraska would have happened by now.

* ~ *

The guys hard at work:

Scott and Everyone's Favorite Robot. Maybe he wouldn't be such a nighttime monster if we didn't taunt him with cookies so much.

Backwards is the Best!

Yee Haw! Or Hipster Chic, you decide.

Mmm, toes.

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