28 November 2009

Gobble 'Til You Wobble

The title comes from a sign on Arnita's door as you enter for the holiday. Appropriate, I think :)

Our Thanksgiving holiday was spent with the Mueller side of the family (Haury to be more precise), as usual, so rather than blah-blah-blah all over you again, we’ll let the pictures do the talking*. Enjoy.

* Yes that is me being lazy. But it’s easy when I’ve got lots to do, and ya’ll just want to see pictures anyway. So deal. Smooches.

The guys deciding where to sit.

Baby Peter in about half his get up (missing his velvet blazer and newsboy cap, bummer).

Sitting down to the meal.

I am so happy to have a picture of Eric with some sort of expression on his face. Perhaps not a smile, but it's something ;)

Shocking but true: Peter charmed the girls into playing with him.

Yay, bonfire time! Once it gets dark, they have a big bonfire on their property and everyone roasts hot dogs and marshmallows. It is awesome.

The bonfire in all its glory.

Duncan roasting a hot dog.

Then we headed to Scott's parents' house to turn in for the evening. I gave (a starving) Peter his spoon to occupy him while I got his dinner ready, but apparently that was The Most Insensitive Thing Ever, judging from his reaction.

The next morning was Black Friday shopping time! Here's me and Nik before we headed out:

Peter stayed at his grandparents' house and played the morning/afternoon away.

And then we headed home Friday night. Lots of fun as usual though :)

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