30 November 2009

Weekly Update 11.29.09

Ah, the week in review. Random baby shots used as filler, as usual.

Well, Monday through Wednesday night were a blur of things with house-cleaning and decorating and baking, and then packing thrown in for good measure.

Thursday was Turkey Day. Much eating and family and bonfire-y goodness.

Friday Ms. Northstrom and I headed out for a day of shopping in Wichita. We had a lazy breakfast at Jimmie’s diner, then hit up the Nifty Nut House, Target, and Bradley Fair. Our usual haunts.

Nifty Nut House has THE BEST nuts. I used to be partial to Nuts on Clark in Chicago but they do not hold a candle to the Nifty Nut House, folks. So we went bonkers in there this year, lots of roasted nuts and candies and dried fruits and my absolute favorite: the Amaretto and Grand Marnier chocolate pecans. To Die For OMG. I think I could use a quick break from all this strenuous typing to have a few, now that I think about it.

Friday night we headed back to Lawrence, and did a quick final pick-up of the house and unpacked the car. I also was determined to have a well decorated house for Peter’s baby portraits the next day, and that included actual wrapped presents under the tree, so guess what Nemmie was doing until 1am. Yeah. Scott thought I was insane but THEY LOOKED GREAT UNDER THE TREE SO BITE ME.

Saturday I got my hair cut, with the brilliant idea that it would kill two birds with one stone – I suck at styling my own hair, and my stylist gives the best blow-out and curl. Smart move, right? I’d have good hair for the portrait session! Except my stylist was booked, and the girl doing my hair who he promised styles just the same as he does? In actuality she does NOT, indeed, style hair as he does. She flat-ironed me. Flat. Iron. Flat Nemmie hair flat flat flat glued-to-my-head grossness. And then she ratted the back so it foofed up, like I had some sort of unfortunate Bump-It accident in the back. So it turns out that I had to go home and do my own hair anyway. Boo.

The Solars got to the house for picture time that afternoon, Peter smiled until he could smile no more, and then was given a few cookies for all his hard work. Really. We gave our 5-month-old cookies. I mean, I basically made him out of cornflakes and Starburst anyway when I was pregnant, so we figured he’d be fine. We saw no ill effects. And now, the blog-stalking commences, until they post those suckers.

Then there was the game. Oh, that game, a heart breaker. We gave it up to Misery at the end. Blah. The rest of the day was a wash. I finished decorating Peter’s room, as evidenced in the photos below:

The garland will be left on all night, as there is some sort of Poltergeist living in Peter’s room. We have had 3 nightlights burn out up there in the 3 months that he’s been sleeping in his room. Last week, his Mobi Tyke light that we’ve been using as a nightlight died, too. Yay.

Sunday was the usual, grocery shopping and laundry and getting ready for the week ahead. I made a bunch of baby food and froze it as well, a poached-chicken-steamed-veggie-rice concoction. Our dear boy is finally off the jarred and eating the chunky homemade like a champ, thank goodness. I am going to have fun making his food, I have a feeling. We have a baby food cookbook to break in, after all.

So yeah. I think that about covers things? Next week is busy. I love the holidays but oof, they will suck the life out of you. Hang in there all our dear readers, we will get through all the stress together :)

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