11 November 2009

Weekly Update 11.08.09

Hi! I've been ignoring you. No, but really. I've been busy, and Scott doesn't bother to help with the updating (ahem nudge nudge elbow nudge pointy finger), sooooooo. Yeah. No update-y for awhile.

Small recap of last week, as I officially give up on doing these suckers on time: we both did the usual, worked. Um, and I guess there was Election Day. Oh, but it was a thrilling week as if you can't tell.

On Friday I had wine & cheese night with the KC Cooking Club girls, we have not gotten together in ages. And I needed it, badly - oh my gosh, you mean I get to wash the baby barf out of my hair and put on real-pants-not-yoga-stretchy-pants and enjoy some lovely cheeses and wines and grown-up real person discussions? Yesssssss! That was much needed, folks. And a million thank-yous to my darling sweet husband, who did the baby wrangling all night for me as well as acted as my personal chauffeur. I knew I married that guy for a reason.

We had our belated anniversary dinner on Saturday night, spent the evening downtown with dinner at Pachamama's and some dessert/nightcap at Ingredient's I-Bar.

Funny story - so we head to the I-Bar, thinking that they had this nice fondue and we knew they had wine to go with. So we get there, realize the "fondue" is not quite real fondue, but whatever. We're there, they have nice cushy couches and are dimly lit, we'll go with it. The guy at the counter tells us that their Saturday special is $6 wines, then gives us the list. I tell him I want a Cab, Scott orders a Reisling... And the guys looks at us as if we are taping an episode of Intervention*. Dudes: it was six bucks PER BOTTLE. What?!? So we went with the red and settled our dress-shirt-and-tie and black-dress selves into our squooshy seats on a couch. And could not. stop. laughing. Um, it certainly tasted like $6 per bottle wine, but hey. Still! Six bucks! The whole bottle! It's like it's 1985 around here. We are so obviously living life in a college town, dudes.

And that's about it. We'll leave you with some pictures, as we all know that's all that a few people come here for.

Oh! Wait, yeah, the kid. Well, he's stopping chattering and instead has taken up making nothing but an "MMMMMMMMMMMM!" noise. He's very vocal, it's just with his lips clamped shut. Odd, odd boy.

Also, in the bless-the-lord-for-all-his-miracles department: he's only getting up once, maybe twice a night. Saturday night he didn't do so hot, got up a lot, but otherwise it's been smooth sailing. It's weird how refreshing 4 straight hours of sleep can be.

* Okay so I know Intervention is supposed to be this serious show about addiction. But my all-time favorite episode is the one where Allison is addicted to huffing. Not just huffing, but huffing computer duster spray. Oh, but she is walking on sunshine! Look out for the Po-Po! I laughed through that entire episode. Mean but true.

Okay on to the bebe.

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