01 November 2009

Weekly Check In 11.01.09

A great rarity occurred this weekend - for the first time in several weeks, we did not have to travel, we had no visitors, no parties or dates with friends. Just us. Bliss.

I am not going to lie, it wasn't exactly news-worthy. This will be a boring post. In the wee hours when Peter got up, I dragged him into our bed and then we all slept in every morning. I caught up on housework and Scott got the yard raked and half-mowed. Peter got back on a great nap schedule and did better at night.

We got in a few nice walks (the weather, it has been beautiful. BEEE-YOU-TIFUL). We played in the yard. Just kinda enjoyed things.

Saturday we got out and did some things, it being Halloween and all. Long long ago (think: August), I bought his Halloween costume. I found an ice cream cone bunting online and wanted to get it before it sold out. I tried it on him a few times while he was still small, and he really seemed to enjoy it. I thought I was so smart for getting it out of the way early, before the cool costumes sold out.

Fast-forward to about a week ago, during a costume dress rehearsal:

Yeah he hated it. Hated. It. But I looooved it! And I really, really, really didn't want to get some other last-minute, mass-produced thing from Old Navy.

Did I ever tell you that the bright side to a constant night-waker baby is that I have all my great ideas at night, and can then remember them? So about 3am one night (morning?) I had a lightbulb moment - when we put him in the Bjorn, Peter never gets wiggle-wormy, and hangs out like a champ. Hmmm.

It worked like a charm. I stuffed some quilt batting around his legs and a bit on top of his head, and it was perfectly filled out. And off we went, to the Downtown Trick or Treat. I think this will be our regular gig every year, it was so much fun. We just walked the outside perimeter this time (it's cheating collecting candy for a 4-month-old, right?), and it still took over an hour. We got stopped, a lot. We had our picture taken. The costume was definitely a hit. Even the (city-block-long) burrito line of college girls squealed over Peter as we went by.

After that we headed back home. Peter visited the neighbors, then I started the bath and bottle and bedtime. Scott ran out to grab us a Jack-O-Lantern pizza, and spent the rest of the night handing out candy... to our one measely door-knock. Um, yeah we have "one of those" neighborhoods. Ah well, we still luff it here.

On the food front - Peter loves his cereal and he now loves his oatmeal too, and the chunkier the better on both. Total texture baby. We thought maybe we'd start on veggies, so I sent some green beans through the baby food mill.

We absolutely do not like green beans. There was like a slow dropping of the spoonful from his mouth while he made a yucky face, and then very theatrically started with the gagging noises. It was pretty awesome.

What a faker. Next we try peas.

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