21 February 2010

C is for Cookie

It snowed. Like, all weekend. Man, what a winter for northeast Kansas, we usually never get this much... weather stuff.

Anyhoo, snow always means cookies, and cookies always mean Doots is a content little guy.

Cookie Monster from Emily Mueller on Vimeo.

PS: This video editing, there is a definite learning curve (like, HOURS OF LEARNING CURVE). My apologies now for the terrible editing butcher job. Next time, I'll get the cuttings and the music to somehow sorta match up. And won't unintentionally pop in 30 seconds of footage I was going to leave out because it was Totally Not Interesting (dudes, there was this awesome little portion where the cookies whipped around his head and he screamed and got all godzilla on them but I kinda accidentally left it out). Oh well, you get the general idea.

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