26 February 2010

Wut? I'm just playing. Stop looking.

I know I always post preshus, smiley photos of the little darling living in our house, but I can promise you - he can be naughty, and he's already sneaky about it.

As evidenced below.

Not. Fooling. Anyone. from Emily Mueller on Vimeo.

And PS: like capturing big foot on tape, that was. He knows to play nice and be sweet for cameras. Sneaky! Seriously! Oh we'll keep him anyway, what the heck.

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Alaina said...

I love "Doing it with a toy does not make it okay." I feel like I have said very similar things quite often. Like, "Saying 'no, no' before pushing buttons on the DVD player does not make it okay." (The editing is lovely, too!)