11 February 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Um, have you ever watched this show? It is fairly new and was originally hyped as this X-Files-meets-Twilight-Zone sort of thing. While it was a little slow to start, in the current (second) season it has morphed into an awesome little show. I like that it has a continuing story arc and yet each episode holds its own, so you don’t feel lost if you miss an episode here or there. The characters are well fleshed out and the plots are interesting and slightly-creepy and there is this Observer who will randomly appear for a moment in every episode so you kinda keep your eyes peeled to catch that glimpse… Um, there have also been spottings of him at real-life sporting events. Creepy. And best of all this show hasn’t gotten all gummed up with stoooopid romatical storylines (well, at least not yet). And finally, but most importantly, Peter Bishop is nice eye candy. So yeah – check it out.

Blessed Nest Pillow
My Muzzy gave me this at my baby shower, it is the best baby pillow ever created. Seriously. It makes the Boppy seem like a rigid, hard piece of cardboard.

When Peter was tiny, we could fluff it so the buckwheat propped up one end over another for easier feedings, and it would mold around your body. We could use it in tight spaces like rigid chairs as well as on the couch. And because it is basically like a crescent-shaped bean bag, it molded around the baby well and created almost a “nest” that the baby nestled into. Still, it was rigid enough that you could pick up the baby in the “nest” and then set him down to sleep on the bed, in the bassinet, in his crib... Not once did that kid ever wake up after a feeding.

Nowadays we still use it a ton, even though Peter is too big to take naps on the thing. We use it to prop him up for our weakling arms while rocking him or feeding him, or just to give him something to curl into while reading a book before bed. I absolutely love that pillow. It may not be cheap, but it is worth every penny.

Kodak Digital Video Camera
Look! A nice video camera! I’ve wanted to buy one for months now! It is a good price, and it is compact, and it has great picture quality and is easy to use and sounds hardy from the reviewer comments, and I am not sure if you are aware but our child is growing up so quickly and we have yet to get any videos of him and it’s making me chew my nails to the quick just thinking about how we’ve missed so much already so Hint, my dear husband. HINT.

Vosges Chocolates
I know that I’m supposed to love the chocolates of KC's homeboy chocolatier Christopher Elbow but in truth: I don’t really. I do however adore Vosges. Vosges got their start by offering those “exotic” chocolate flavors to the mainstream public – for example with chilies and cinnamon, or bacon and sea salt, or curry powder. Soon an array of other chocolate boutiques followed suit. Vosges chocolates are to-die-for, but sadly they are hard to find in this area. I have a few spots where I can find their treats, however, so I tend to stock up when I visit them.

Shoe App!
Bergdorfs has a shoe app. No, really. And now I really want an iPhone.

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