15 February 2010

Weekend Update 02.15.10

Here you go, only one day late (as promised). The week was pretty boring, so we’ll jump right into weekend news…

Saturday we headed to KC. We stopped by to drop off our (pathetic, dying) laptop with a friend, she graciously offered to have her husband take a look at it for us. I, ah, might have slammed the screen down on it a bit hard in a moment of frustration. Not my finest moment by a long shot, and Go Figure it was just my luck that the thing wouldn’t turn on after my little fit. Way to go, self. On a positive note: I feel like we are much more productive in the evenings, now that one of us isn’t glued to the laptop all evening.

While in town we did a few other things we’ve been meaning to do while in KC. We spent some of our Christmas gift cards. Then we hit up Babies R Us before heading back to Lawrence. As proof that even the most tight-fisted person on the planet (no deviating from the list!) is powerless to the charm of his or her own child: Scott took Peter for a long cruise down the walking-toy aisle, and after much consideration they settled on this beauty. No pictures of the boy using it yet, but rest assured: he absolutely loses his mind when he plays with this thing. Look! Walking! Walking! Look at me daddy I’m walking and flashy lights and squeeeeeeeeeeealy awesome times! It’s hysterical.

Saturday evening two dear friends of mine came over to watch the Doots so we could have a nice date night out. No fancy restaurant this time, no wrestling into pantyhose and breaking out the really-nice jewelry and, while having a great time, thinking afterwards about how whoa, we could have bought a whole heck of a lot of diapers with that money.

Nope, instead we went old school date night. It was just like slipping into a comfy old pair of jeans – first beers and a long dinner at Free State, where we got so involved in talking that we lost track of time and had to hurry to catch the movie, then settled into our seats a nice dark theater with popcorn and soda in hand(s). Aaaaaah. It was so, so nice. I missed it more than I realized.

So we saw Crazy Heart? The movie was good but it was the acting that really impressed me. Jeff Bridges deserves all the accolades he is getting for this role. The romantic angle was a little contrived - like, really? This pretty, pulled-together, professional woman is going to instantly fall head over heels for an alcoholic, bloated has-been of a country singer, who has crazy old-man eyebrows and wears grey polyester pants, and looks like he probably smells bad too? Yeah those love scenes were a little awkward. Otherwise, though, great movie.

Sunday we took it easy most of the day. We did some shopping, got new pillows for our bed – this is something we should have done, well, let’s just say a looooong time ago. Um, at least a year. We are total slackers. On the way home we picked up a heart-shaped pizza and giant cookie at Papa Murphy’s, then enjoyed our heart-themed Valentines Day dinner. Peter officially loves pizza. LOVES PIZZA. He had his usual puffs and mums before dinner (think: baby appetizer), and then packed away a huuuuge piece of pizza all by himself. And then polished off a chunk of cookie for dessert. And THEN he sucked down a full bottle of milk. It was pretty impressive. Um, and he’s getting kinda chunky. Which is awesome, because babies just aren’t cute unless they have a potbelly and at least one extra chin. In my humble opinion anyway.

Time for the Baby News portion of the post: our dear, sweet son has replaced his love of all things ceiling fan with a new obsession – when I’m baking something, he likes to mosey over to the oven and then just stand there, licking the oven door. Uh. Okay. He also likes to play with a spoon in the bath, and pretend to feed you spoonfuls of bathwater. Mmmmmmmm, great idea. Clearly he has mastered the whole eating concept. Clearly. Except OBVIOUSLY NEEDS MORE WORK.

We have another new.. thing. I think perhaps this came about because we all had the cold at the same time, and all were hacking our way around the house? At any rate: he has come to the conclusion that coughing is a form of communication. This weekend he would happily mix fake-coughs into his usual baby babble, and then expected us to respond by fake-coughing as well. Which we probably should stop doing in response, but it’s so deliciously funny to see him get so excited and hop up and down, then fake-cough back again…

And finally - he is trying to figure out this whole pointing thing. All weekend I would find him deep in concentration, and not concentrating on the pile of toys surrounding him, no – instead, he was staring at his hand and flexing his index finger into a point. Over and over. And over. And over again. Someday, he will get it. Until then, whatever keeps him quiet and out of trouble, I will gladly take it.

As a final PS – after putting the babe to bed on Sunday, Scott and I stole away to the basement office (rec room-ish area) with a bottle of wine, and exchanged gifts. Guess what: Scott got me a video camera for Valentines Day. Yesssss, fist pump! Oh, but you people are in for it shortly. In. For. It.


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