21 February 2010

Weekly Update 02.21.10

Ammmmmm. I didn't take many pictures this week. I'm not even kidding, there are a few quick pictures of Peter eating pancakes Sunday morn, and that's all I have. Here, enjoy:

So: you're getting some vintage stuff this week, namely Photos From Two Weeks Ago That I Forgot To Give To You.

You're welcome in advance.

So! What was this week like? Well, a wee bit busy - during the week we had President's Day. Always a busy one ;) In all seriousness though - there was Ash Wednesday, and I had a cooking club in KC on Thursday, and I had cupcakes to make for a coworker's birthday on Friday (yum yums! Post of recipe soon to come...).

I had a ticket to a pre-screening of Shutter Island on Tuesday night, in KC, but with everything else going on I kinda felt like a Bad Mommy, not being home to see the babe for the few hours a night I get to spend with him before he heads off to bed, so I didn't go. Doots is kinda worth it, so no biggie ;)

Scott now has Fridays off of work, I will not tell you the words I uttered when I realized that my dear husband now has permanent 3-day weekends. Brat. There, that's printable. So anyhoo, Scott spent Friday running errands and also brewing a new beer.

Friday night we were supposed to meet old friends for a drink, but they were delayed by weather so we missed them. TOTAL BUMMER. We did find other friends of ours at Quintons, though. so all wasn't lost. We had a margarita with them, then headed home to spend the evening watching the Olympics. I think that was the first real night we sat down to do so, actually.

Saturday grandma and grandpa Mueller came for a visit. Peter was teething and kinda cranky, so that was a little sad. Next time he will be in better spirits, we promise! A good time was still had by all, we caught up and had a good visit, and we all went out for some Mongolian BBQ. Peter liked these steamed buns with bean paste inside, soooo. Well, yeah. Gross. They looked pretty though, like little peaches!

Sunday we were cooped up in the house due to the weather, which wasn't such a bad thing. We got caught up on cleaning and laundry and I worked on the basement office a bit more. Some day, my pets, I will post the Before and After shots. It is getting closer every weekend...

That's about it. Another busy week ahead, should go by quickly. Everybody stay warm and think sunny thoughts :)

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