28 March 2010

Weekly Update 03.28.10

Okay I am guilty of buying hideous clothing for my child just because it pleases me. I mean come on though! Mini Jail Bird! And I love babies in horizontal stripes, so fattening.

I am going to guess you don't really want to hear more about OMG NEMMIE IS STILL SICK. Well, I don't want to be sick anymore but I am, so it sucks to be both of us then. Seriously! Still sick! Not only that, but it's the not-fun kinda sick. Not the kind where I can mope around the office sneezing and coughing but not really in pain but everyone at work feels sorry for me, oh no. Instead I feel icky but don't sound too terribly awful, and I'm exhausted and I haven't been able to smell/taste for a week now, and also my eardrums ruptured from all the pressure so everything sounds like I'm underwater trying to hear the world (with a nice side of CONSTANT RINGING TINNITIS*). And that takes weeks to heal properly. So, in short: major sensory suckage for the Nems right now.

*Wanna know the first thing that comes up if you google 'tinnitis'? A little link entitled "Is Tinnitis Driving You To Crazytown?". Um. Yeah. That.

Anyhoo, you didn't come here to listen to all that whining, so let's move along to happier topics shall we?

Doots has decided he loves Easter. With the baskets. And the treats. And the GRASS YESSSS FAKE GRASS AWESOME.

Doots had a wellness appointment this week! Healthy healthy and smart smart blah blah blah, translation: our boy is doing well. Although Scott was a bit devastated to discover Peter's measurements - our boy is a bit on the demure side. 30% for height, 45% for fatness, head circ. is somewhere in between there. So in short: we slid from the 75%-ile in stuff to the teeny side of things. This, my friends, is what happens when you formula-feed.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Er, totally kidding - formula rocks and millions of us were raised on the stuff and we are all capable, healthy, highly functioning members of society, and I should say that I looooooove the stuff for my babe. Did I ever mention how I stopped nursing? Well, I did. Pumping all the time at work got overwhelming, Peter's intake took yet another jump, and I really could not take another nursing weekend or pumping marathon or whatever, so we stopped. Right at 8 months old. Peter barely noticed the change, and seemed to be sleeping better on formula; I personally was delighted and relieved to have my body back and more time on my hands. Huzzah! A win for everyone involved.

Going for their nightly walk.

We had a few fleeting evenings of nice weather, so we took full advantage and took Peter for walks in the evenings. Peter loooooooves his little push-n-ride coupe, I mean loves it adoringly. Which is good, because I imagine we'll take lots of rides in the thing this spring/summer. We also hit the park a few times, for the swings. For the adrenaline junkie our kid seems to be, he appears to be less than impressed with swinging. He digs it, in a mellow-smiley kind of way, but no laughing or giggling or full-on happy madness. Hmm. Maybe he needs more time to warm up to it.

This is how my child looks at 6am on a weekend. Much better than his mother, who was waiting for the darn coffee to finally finish brewing omg.

Saturday was busy - Scott took 2 seminars at our favorite garden nursery, one on gardening and another on fruit trees. He won this awesome garden measuring stick at the gardening seminar, and got a lot of info at the fruit tree one. He also visited our local K-State Extension office for some pamplets and got free seed packets for wildflowers and prize-winning cukes. Score!

Our friends Michelle and Ryan were in town from Arkansas, so they stopped by for a quick visit in the afternoon. Then we hit the grocery store for supplies for Sunday brunch as well as groceries for the rest of the week. Grandma and grandpa Mueller were coming for an Easter get-together Sunday, so we were making a fun spread for brunch: egg, cheese, and sundried tomato strata, strawberry and spinach salad, roasted potatoes, and a berry pavlova. We prepped a bunch of it Saturday after putting Peter to bed, then hit the sack to start the day early on Sunday.


Sunday we had Peter's 9-month portrait session in the morning with Sarah. Sarah met us at our house, then we made our plan for portraits. The weather was not cooperating, we'd been putting this off for weeks and weeks, and finally just said "eff it we're doing it". I'm glad we did. I mean don't get me wrong, the weather was cold and overcast and ready to rain, but because of that we headed to KU campus and took pictures in some of the buildings. Ninety-nine percent of my readers would never realize the location of the shots (nor care that much really) but I'm kinda happy about it, I love that campus and it's sweet to have pics of the Doots chilling in my old haunts.

A link will be posted as soon as they are up on her blog, promise.

Bucket head.

As mentioned, Grandma and Grandpa Mueller came over for a visit on Sunday, got here just as the portrait session ended. We had a great time! They brought Peter an Easter Basket of Goodness, and Peter was absolutely thrilled with the contents in the following order: The Card! The Tissue Paper! And finally, The Basket Itself! (which he proceeded to later play with for a good hour, just the basket and a spoon my friends). I, on the other hand, adored the larger-sized Trumpette Johnny socks! The awesome Argyle-sock Wolf doll! And the sweet stuffed bunny!

Sometimes I wonder how Peter and I are even related, like seriously.

Please try to not think about why my child has no pants on, but instead focus on the totally awesome back of his monster shirt.

I should also mention that the Muellers were kind enough to help us relocate our swing set to our yard, compliments of our thoughtful neighbors Gary and Julia. Seriously, people-with-children: if you don't already have a swing set of your own, maybe send out a few feelers in your neighborhood before buying a new set. Our neighbors were kind enough to come over and offer their set, but I have friends who also got nice sets from neighbors on the cheap just by putting the word out there that they needed one. Nemmie Tip of the Day.

Doots playing Hide and Seek.

So that's about it, right now I'm doing laundry and enjoying a beverage and getting ready to tuck in for the night (watch some Criminal Minds reruns in bed with the volume jacked up and Closed Captioning on). Have a good week! We shall see you again soon :)

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