31 May 2010

Weekly Update 05.31.10

Our rose bush is a-blooming, yay!

Quick update, as we are a little busy around these parts:

Last week during the week we all kept pretty darn busy: I made treats for both book club and a coworker's birthday. At work I had a lot of meetings and a lot of proofs to work on at work and I realized, about mid-week (in the middle of a somewhat-boringish meeting in fact, as my mind wandered a little), that oh yeah hey I guess I didn't realize: his birthday party is at the end of next week - now this week. And there's a holiday stuck in there and I still haven't figured out outfits for pictures and still need to order cakes and party decorations and get my hair/brows done... Yikes. So I did some serious frenzy-like shopping and appt. booking, I think my bases are kinda covered now. Still need to nail down a party menu...

Um, here is my stash of party crap. Kinda finished. Er, something.

We spent the holiday weekend in Scott's hometown - he had a class reunion to attend on Saturday night, a pig roast at one of the parks. We also spent quality time with Scott's parents, they got a lot of personal time with Peter. Lots of fun all around.

Sunday night Scott and I did a lovely, looooong date night in Wichita - we went shopping for Peter for his birthday, spent a long time goofing around and checking out the goods at Toys R Us. I realized it has been many, many years since I had stepped foot in one of those stores. Next we hit up Towne East mall. We decided to end our day with dinner and a movie in Old Town... and it started pouring when we hit the area. Monsoon-style downpour, no joke.

Monsoooooon! Glad we parked in the parking garage...

We bought our tickets at the theater to Ironman 2 (be jealous Alaina), hoping to just dine there, but realized the theater had closed their restaurant/bar inside so we sprinted through the rain to the nearest restaurant. Had a lovely long meal at Old Chicago, and the rain slowed in time for our trip back to the theater. We got to the ticket line, only to realize: while the bar/restaurant was gone, all of their theaters now have seat-side dining and cocktails. Sweet! The Old Town Wichita Warren is now officially my second-favorite movie theater of all time. So I had a nice Ad Astra while I watched our movie. Which was quite good, in case you were wondering. (a summer blockbuster full of highly respected actors? Rock on)...

Mmm, movie Ad Astra (bonus: I took this picture just as a waitress lady walked past, she probably thought I was one of those black-market movie people).

We got back to Scott's parents' house late that night only to discover that Peter was sick. He was feverish and not sleeping well, so we all had a long night. The next day we left at nap time in the late morning, and I'm glad we did. His fever broke for a few hours when we got home, but then veered right back into lethargy and high temps again. Boo. I guess at least he is getting this out of his system now instead of at the end of the week...

Yes. He's wearing shorts. Not pants. Even better: they are size 6 Months. He has the Kemmeter shorty disease.

I promise there will be many updates in the coming week: we have family pictures, the birthday party, the Official Birthday date, I have a work trip... No rest for the wicked, right?

PS: This picture was taken in his moment of healthiness when we got home: we broke down and gave him one of his birthday gifts early. And he loved it. You can't really see it, but his "baby" Jay is not the only rider. He also included his Matchbox Escalade with the custom black-cherry paint job and 24-inch custom gold rims. He has good taste. And also: Matchbox makes some awesome cars these days.


The Horton's said...

I just ordered Cason's 2 year bday Cake last week! Gotta Love these June Bdays!!
next time you are up here, we have a DATE! And there is no getting out, no babies and maybe no men!! LOL!!

Nemmie said...

Hell yes woman - you got it!