07 December 2009

6 Months Old - The Slideshow

Weekly update to be posted soon, but first I need to acknowledge the hard-to-admit truth - Peter's One-Half birthday is today.

Six months already, really? Oof. And yet, I love what a sweet little baby he's grown to be. So darn cheerful, always smiling and giggling and cooing. It is such an over-used cliche, but - we really don't know what we'd do without that goofy, happy little man hanging around.

Today, in honor of this special day, Peter was rocking on his hands and knees, and then took a few tentative (shaky, falling-over) crawls across the floor. Oh, but I believe we are in for it, folks.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I give you: Peter through the months, from Day 1 to this evening.


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