14 December 2009

Weekly Update 12.13.09

Sooo... You know how, around the holidays, you're so busy and you have that one go-to recipe that takes two seconds to pull together as a hot meal because you have no time to do anything else? Like a nice pasta carbonara (hmmm, that post was during the holidays too, how surprising).

Anyway. This post? It's like the pasta carbonara of posts. Quick. Easy. Hopefully filling.

Peter doots turned 6 months old. Half a year! Our teeny newborn baby! Half a year! Gawd, pass the wine.

Scott brewed and bottled beers. I worked out again with Anna. There was a nice snow storm (well, 3 inches of snow and ice and other fun stuff). Fun for driving! Unfortunately I didn't get any fun pictures of it. Next snow I will, I promise... For now, console yourself with a picture of Peter in the bath.

Saturday was baking and dough-making for me. Scott played a bunch with the doots. I took a picture of our dear son sleeping after he went to bed that night, because seriously - how cute are kids when they do that whole sleeping-with-butts-in-the-air thing??

Sunday Scott spent the day with Paulo, doing man stuff (like watching football and talking about their fantasy football dorkhood, I'd imagine). Peter and I hung out, made some more candy, finished Christmas cards, tried to charm the camera whenever it was around...

Um, and we kinda sorta maybe starting crawling. Kinda. It's more like a rocking/scooting thing. But boy, he's already getting around the house and into all sorts of things. Time to baby proof, yikes. Refill that wine glass again, please.

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