20 December 2009

Weekly Update: 12.20.09

Off to look at Christmas lights...


Hiya ho! Ho ho ho. Ho. Oh my gawd, I'm ready for Christmas to already just GET HERE so we can stop going crazy with all the rushing and blah blah blah all that crap. Blah. Ho ho ho.


Another busy week, yes I'm sure you're all surprised! I had our Book Club Christmas Get-Together, and was also feeling a wee bit under the weather, and was finishing cards and shopping (yes, I say this every week. And yes, I mean it every week. It is the Never-ending Gift of the Holiday Season). Got together with Ms Anna for our usual weekly workout, only we changed things up this week and did drinks at The Pig rather than a workout. Believe me, it was needed.

Weekend was spent... wait for it... finishing up cards and shopping (hee!), wrapping stuff, and playing with Peter. He earned all the loving affection from me he could ever want, ladies and gents, because guess what: the kid's got a tooth. Like, a real honest-to-god, in-the-flesh tooth.

So, in the past? He's had fussy episodes. He's drooled so much it was like a faucet. He's run a low-grade fever and had... tummy problems? That's the wording I was looking for. And all the little things you hear happen when a baby is teething. Only, he was never teething. This went on for weeks and finally I was like dude, I'm not falling for your attention-seeking Fake Outs any longer.

Fast forward several weeks, to this week. Peter is clingy and all-around moan-y in the evenings. He's drooling like a rabid hamster. He's chewing on the bottom of the furniture with relish. He's feverish and isn't sleeping well and is having stomach problems - and me? I totally spaced all of it. I chalked it up to a "phase", a cold, I don't know maybe he chewed on the potted fern and gave himself a stomach ache or something. Until Saturday morning when I was absolutely shocked to find that razor-sharp tooth when goofing around with him. Oof. So, we officially have teeth. Yay. Now I get to worry about biting.

On the renovation front, I am proud to say that Scott has installed house numbers back onto the house. When Scott and Tim worked on the front porch, rebuilding most of it, they neglected to re-install house numbers. This was not something that concerned either Scott or I, until we discovered hey whaddaya know - at certain moments? It is very important to have house numbers prominently displayed on your house (i.e. whenever anyone new came to visit, like professional photographers or family members or new friends or I don't know, ALL THE DELIVERY PEOPLE CARRYING IMPORTANT PACKAGES). So, anyway. We didn't want the boring-old numbers that everybody else bought from Lowes, and instead Scott found these super-modern brushed steel house numbers. That are set out from the wall rather than flush. And, surprisingly, they match up nicely with our 70-year-old home. Rock on!

Yeah. Even more interesting updates to come next week, I am not kidding. We've got the holidays! And I'm baking! Peter will wear a tie! It will blow all your minds. I may even tell you about the one time (today) when he took a nose dive out of our bed when completely away from adult supervision. Yup.

Advent blessings (as my Beah would say).

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