08 December 2009

Weekly Update 12.06.09

Um, busy week! The holiday season is officially upon us, because it seems that every night there's something going on or something to do...

Weeknights were busy. I went for a nice, long walk one night with my chum Anna (and now we have a workout date for once a week, woohoo!). We headed to downtown KC one evening to do our ordering session with The Solars. I had a baby shower and a bridal shower to attend, for dear coworkers of mine. In-between that, it was shopping and decorating and getting together packages to mail out this weekend. Whew!

The weekend was super-duper fun, lots of fun family stuff. I remembered my camera for that stuff, so pictures are below.

First off: we headed to the Lawrence Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade on Saturday. Paulo came to town for the day, so we were able to hang out, great fun! They started things off with a fly over:

The weather was... well, cold. Pretty darn cold. We made sure Peter was snug and bundled up, and then we added a blanket for good measure.

The city parade is unique in that it is truly "old fashioned" - only horses and horse-drawn carriages allowed. Everyone dresses up their horses, selves, and carriages for the season.

When he decided to stop people-watching and actually check out the parade, baby doots was curious about the horses:

After the parade, we checked out the Holiday Mart at the Arts Center with Paulo and his friend Katie. It was cool, full of lots of handmade pottery, jewelry, woodworking, and prints. Also crowded (made us wish we brought the baby Bjorn instead of the stroller, that's for sure). Then we parted ways, Paul and Katie off to shop and us off to see Santa and check out the gingerbread houses.
We visited Santa at Weavers it was a wee bit anti-climatic. Peter was not happy, not sad, in fact didn't even realize he was on a stranger's lap. Meh. Next year, we'll get a more-exciting Santa shot. Next year.

Then we were off to The Eldridge Extended for the Gingerbread Festival and Auction. Every year, the Eldridge hosts a Gingerbread Festival, everyone is invited to submit. The houses are
open to public viewing before they are sold at auction, with all money going to charity. Cool, cool, cool. More posted here, you can kinda see my favorite in this picture...

Again - we were regretting the stroller in the crowded space. Peter couldn't see anything from his view, either, but hung in there like a champ. Afterwards we headed the Free State way, to get some grub. And who did we run into but Paulo again... So we all sat together and had a nice long lunch.

Good sport that he is, Paulo busted out the Ugly Christmas Sweater for the occasion, so that he and Peter would match.

Our son is a shameless flirt. As usual, he wooed the women over to come coo at him (and ask if they could hold him). I had no idea boy babies were so flirty, honestly. The things you learn when you have a kid...

Peter shared a plate of goulash with me.

Sunday was a little more laid back, I finished pulling together packages and then got them off in the mail to be sent on Monday. Peter and I did shopping and I worked on holiday cards. We did the usual weekend catch up (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning...).
And Sunday was St. Nick's Day, so Peter got a little bag of goodies from St. Nick in true Kemmeter tradition. The best part was these mesh food-holder thingies, perfect for the kid who wants to try feeding himself but isn't quite ready for big bites...

Mmm, apples.
See ya next week.

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